Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Make A Miracle Happen

When I look at the stats for my blog, phrases with the word "Miracle" appear to be a common search trigger word. This makes me think that people are searching for a miracle to occur in their lives. Do we ever outgrow the need to pray for one?

I understand this human need all too well. I needed a miracle myself. In 2009. But that year was not the first time I needed a divine gift of salvation. That is after all what a miracle is. The asking for grace or mercy or relief from the burden currently challenging us; the trauma in our lives; the very unmentionable, incomprehensible test we could ever know that must be dealt with that peaks just before the miracle is granted. I can speak about this to some degree. "This" being the miracle and how it takes place; how it occurs.

Salvation in the dictionary is defined as: the act of saving or protecting from harm, risk, loss, destruction, etc.

First of all, a miracle does not always have the outcome we prayed for. By its very definition of what a miracle is, as the mercy of the hand of God, we cannot see where His hand has pointed to on our path, further down the road. A miracle does not happen in a vacuum. There is the effect that hinges with the cause. Therefore, the miracle must fit with the road we were meant to take in the first place. Maybe this explanation will help someone realize the true meaning in an effort to alleviate disappointment should the miracle prayed for does not come about in the way they needed or wanted.

Probably the number one miracle people pray for is relief from sickness but everything we do has lessons attached to it. If your loved one is bedridden with a debilitating illness and everyone around is praying for a miracle, the chances for that miracle being granted is always 50/50 regardless of what the doctors say or do or use to help cure because it is not doctors that grant miracles, it is God. And it is always up to God whether He takes your loved one home now or whether that loved one has unfinished business here in the earth realm. The best you can do for yourself is accept the hand of fate as God delivers it, even as we cry from the loss or the gift. I too have had to accept God's will with my own loss of my dear brother.

These days I know many prayers for miracles have to do with finding work or keeping our cars and homes. These too I prayed for yet did not come. Not the job so I lost the beloved house in the lakeside community I cherished endlessly and the vehicle I almost had paid for free and clear. All material things fell to the side and then the message became evident after "suffering" the loss I tried so hard to keep but could no longer sustain without money. The miracle I'm living is that I'm living with less and living rewarded without the worry of debt.

That's been the lesson worldwide. The banking collapse revealed the gluttony of society all the while society was praying for a simpler life. The hand of mercy reached down and gave back sanity to our society that needed it most. During this fragile transitional time, other things will fall away but miracles will also be granted; miracles that were not prayed for.

More and more self sufficiency will blossom from the wreckage of failed mortgages and expensive cars. More important lifestyles will be realized as soon as families see what's truly important. That old saying actions speak louder than words will now be found in these days of less as fathers and mothers survive the scary moments of "things" falling away. It's not so bad after all when you think of the big picture if you have your health and stamina and able to set a new goal without the dependency of an employer that holds your fate in its hands.

That's a miracle.

But I urge you when praying for a miracle to please include the Invocation for the Archangels to speed your requests to Heaven. Their abilities to influence victory plays an important role in your petitions for mercy. Certain challenges only they can conquer will cut the binds that hold or condemn your spirit. There are always unseen forces at play in the invisible realm and the Archangels are God's appointed sentries that protect that realm. Call THEM ~ They will love it!

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