Friday, July 20, 2012

Archangels: Angels Love You Very Much

Wow! Two recordings in one week! I don't usually record & listen to Angel voices
then turn around and create video so quickly but this Archangel gift
was too good to wait. I did this recording on July 17th ~ the 2nd anniversary
of my sweet brother's passing from this life.

Angels always send love when you need it.

** In Light of today's horrific tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, Angels dedicate
themselves to healing the families that are hurting. Angels want everyone
to know those that are gone, are standing right beside their family & loved ones.
Keep talking to them ~ They are not "gone" and they embrace you in their love for
as long as you need it. The spirit is amazingly powerful.

Aurora means Light, brilliant & luminous, magical & spiritual.
Please know that many, many Angels have flocked to this
Auroric town
to bring much love & heart healing.

Angels Abound!
Grab some headphones!
Much love, Mia


  1. Thinking or you and sharing your good works:

  2. Susanna, ha! thank you darling!! the change is coming and we will soon see more and more signs. Mother Mary seems to be all over the news these days. Angels are right behind her.

    Much love to you ~ Mia