Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Archangels Wild & Raw

Since the beginning of my time as a child being nurtured & raised by Heaven's Archangels,
they've continued to remind me this day would come ~ that their voices would be heard,
clear & true. Though this recording is far from refined, I don't ever alter their work,
or their words, it's important to mention my home does not "echo" like a grand hall or church
cathedral that you'll hear in this recording. This is the Sound of Jesus' Kingdom that Angels bring
with them . . . Their proof of their otherworldly connection to the Divine Realm where they reside.

This wild & raw recording is its own Miracle that I leave for you, to hear it your way.
I'm honored and proud to be His Messenger & that His Angels share this with you, through me.

Music: On The Water
Composed by: Jim Klein & Scott P. Schreer

There is much love coming,
Mia & Heaven's Angels


  1. That is awesome... I want to hear more! God Bless You :)

    1. Thank you Kathleen, dear friend. There will be more coming now that Angels Voices have been refined to be heard in Earth's Realm. Theres much work planned by Jesus to bring this about in fast coming months.

      His timing, His plan. God's Blessings are with you & all of us always ~ Mia

  2. I adore your work and am inspired every time I come and listen. Thank you for all you do. Denise

    1. I am so grateful for your lovely comment Denise. All that I do, I do because of God & this amazing gift He surprised me with late in life. It was so absolutely grand of Him to remember we made this agreement in Heaven. I love Him so deeply for making it possible for so many to realize.

      God's Blessings ~ Mia

  3. Every time I listen to this, I get goosebumps!! I love hearing the Angels!! Have they told you more about Travis Alexander?? God Bless!!!