Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A New Year is Dawning

Yes! I'm still recording amazing messages from Heaven's Archangels! However, since the last one I posted in June, they've all been private deliveries for my spiritual growth and more than one of them have commanded me to wait and not post any more videos until God's time. As excited as we are, His Angels included, nothing takes place without His ready, without His grace being our partner, leading the way.

But while I've been waiting, I've not been idle. His Powerful Angels have kept me busy learning other things that will be important for us all at the right time. During my wait period, while I was strolling the beach and working on patience, I asked Angels to please keep me busy with something ~ whether equally important or something fun. I kind of knew the equally important part would be near impossible to duplicate so they delivered fun; the artisan craft of designing Sea Glass Jewelry.

And since I love the beach a lot, this made sense so while I was collecting pretty pieces from the sand and had no outlet for them, I also asked Angels to show me what I could do with them. They made me meet an incredible woman on the beach one day and she dropped the hint. From there Angels took me to work straight away in June, around the time of my last public recording.

By August I was selling my designs at local farmers markets. And through the holidays God graced us with awesome success at local art shows we got invited to. We started a little business for income blessings. We can be found on Facebook at Fairfield Seaglass and my photo inventory can be viewed on Flickr.com/FairfieldSeaglass. God works in absolute ways.

Archangel recordings have not stopped by any means. There is much spiritual work taking place around me as we get ready for 2014. In the meantime, I'm happy wearing many hats God knows I like. Angels existence in our world, after all, is going to impact the atmosphere in ways our world must be ready for. Sacred preparation is happening all around us and that includes sacred protection. I'm still here doing my part, my patience has improved and I'm waiting on His awesome surprise.

I've never designed jewelry in my life nor did I know where to start. These images are the result
of what God taught me in two short months. He leads by holding my hands.
1. Mermaids Sterling Charm Bracelet - Swarovski Crystals & Glass Pearls, Sterling Starfish & Beads, 
White & Teal Seaglass

2. Vintage Gold Vermeil Box Chain Necklace, Aqua Seaglass

3. Aqua & White Seaglass on Sterling Fantail Stacked Earrings

4. Year of the Dragon Bali Sterling on Lime Seaglass Pendant

Many blessings are on their way. Love, Mia and His Angels

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