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Upcoming You Can Hear Them Tour:

               ~ The Archangels of 9/11 ~
  Audio-Recorded Proof of Angels' Presence
           in Manhattan on that Fateful Day

                                   ~ AND ~

                                       Believe! Jesus & His Angels Are With Us
                                Audio-Recorded Messages from HIS Divine Realm

*          *          *          *          *

 The Voices of Angels take Road Trips!

Whether around the New England area or to far and wide reaches
to your distant city, Mia arrives to share the miracle of the Archangels
and deliver precious Authentic Angel Recordings for your
conference, group meeting or inspiration leadership.

To book Mia for Voices of Angels Lecture or Workshop at your next

church jubilation or in addition to your discussion panel,
please email with as many details as possible about your event, expectant attendees,
travel accommodations and panel personalities.

Mia! She's on a Mission to turn Unbelievers into Believers.
Both Ears at a Time!
Angels Abound!

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