Thursday, October 4, 2012

God: I Am Shaddai

I am pleased to bring you the latest audio recordings I've been listening to.
This is a very important message that I pulled from an earlier sound file.
This is Our Lord, Our Most Highest & Sacred Being,
Delivering His pronouncement I Am Shaddai
Music is Dawn Mist - Composed by D. DiFonzo & Scott P. Schreer

Remember your headphones to hear the pitch of the Angels' voices.

This name Shaddai that I first heard in a 2009 recording has lingered with me ever since. At the time I heard it and unfamiliar with it, I dove into research right away. Any time a spiritual voice comes forward announcing their name is worth the exploration. However, this one Shaddai proved elusive. I even asked a priest if he had heard the name before. Alas, he had not.

Sometime in 2011, I sought to research this name once again and finally some information had developed online. I'm convinced that either I had woefully misspelled it completely out of whack, or it simply was not the right time for me to know its meaning. Regardless, I am very pleased that this name is so significant in our history and much more so in these times of struggle and uncertainty.

December 2012 is evoking many questions on the state of humanity, world crises, economic imploding and where is the presence of God during these times. To share God's presence with you now is the perfect timing for what's to come. The thinning of the Sacred Veil is upon us and to help lead the pack, I am delighted to take the helm ~ with Archangel Michael defending every step.

One definition of El Shaddai is The Almighty One. I post this video message now to pay true reverence to His ever-essecent presence among us. With love ~ Mia