Angels Speak

Originally posted September 5, 2012
Encore - Angel Michael: Mary Sees Jesus Christ
Music: The Ice Dance - Composed by Goffredo Orlandi

Originally posted July 20, 2012
"Angels Love You Very Much"
Music: Winter at the Shore - Composed by Simon Brewer

Originally posted July 17, 2012
Angel Michael: Mary Sees Jesus Christ
Music: Tears of Joy - Composed by Pierre Langer

Originally posted May 22, 2012
"We Came From Heaven"
Music: The Green Inn - Composed by Tillman Sillescu

^j^     ^j^     ^j^

This Angel audio recording is looped so that you can truly experience the words.
This is "I'm Angel Michael" with other angels "You're here"
Originally posted April 2012
Music: Nights Rest - Composed by Tillman Sillescu

** Angels Abound! **
~ Love, Mia & the Angels ~
Audio Recorded Angels also in my Book Trailer video & throughout my main page blog.

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