Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Annunciation & The Battle

There was fury and clamor. Wickedness challenging the righteous. Lightness quelling the dark. Good raging with evil. It was God condemning his enemy and I was in the middle. The target of the coup for both sides ~ each knew too well my value. It was I that was in the dark; living my life as any one of us sanctified to not remember the promises of God but it was Heaven's Angels determined to win because of my ignorance for they battled for God.

That's how my sacred annunciation began ~ listening to a battle for my soul. It's been a number of years now but the spiritual work continues. It wasn't controlled and civilized as you might have imagined it was for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mine was violent and upending.

At the time that I began to hear them I remember being wholly soaked in fear. A fear I'd never known for it became like a 7th Sense; otherworldly and true. 

The first level of fear was the very idea that I could hear voices from Heaven and hell. Angels mixed with my passed on loved ones mixed with demonic forces mixed with whimpering, yelling, chains and savagery; proclamation and judgment. All of them there to claim their prize from whomever would be the winner of me. I cried because it was too soon to tell which forces would win; what evidence would release me. In that month of August it was five months too soon to hope the winner was God.

The second dimension of fear was that the voices weren't in my head, not in my mind but had filled the room around me and left their history recorded on tape. And the third, most significant terror I have known was the trespass. That I had crossed the line. That I had wandered, somehow, into a forbidden realm of existence ~ sacred and uninvited. What had I done? That I had disobeyed in the most atrocious and the most sinful. That I was meant to feel this sin to the depth of my soul. What have I done? I couldn't speak of it aloud for days upon days. Was it even real? And then I was brave. I had to shed the fear and claim myself, and I spoke of it aloud to someone I trusted, and the Angels, they heard.

"She said she can hear angels!"
"NOBODY can hear angels!"
"NO ONE is supposed to hear angels!"
"Michael is going to Jesus. He's taken his horse."
"Michael is going to find out what has happened!"
"Why hasn't God spoken of this?"
"Who is she?"
"She is the priestess. She is the anointed one."

They were all angels. Angels from Heaven not from the abyss. Voices as heralding and choir-ed as anyone could imagine and more. Voices that brought me to tears and enveloped me in love. For many, many weeks they worked diligently on my confidence in who they where and why they had come; telling me truth only I would have known.

And so the revelation began to unfold. Once Michael returned from Heaven all of the angels celebrated the truth he brought with him. For me, it took the better of two years to trust who was speaking to me; who's side of the great divide were the ones I was meant to listen to. It came quickly thereafter the vision of my appointment in Heaven. My sacred meeting in the Sacred Tower with my Lord Jesus ~ high above the fields of grandeur ~ Mighty carbon warrior angels flanked on either side of me where Jesus held my hands and instilled his faith in me. "You are the chosen one. We will prepare you."

Everyday His mighty angels remain by my side, speaking with updates of encouragement. I have collected hundreds of Heaven's Angels that are lining up to prepare and pave the way for the day that the people of the world will all hear their harmonious and powerful voices for that has become the Annunciation of Mia and all of Heaven is getting more excited with each passing day.

And I continue to say, "Be patient. His work is His miracle."

~ Love, Mia

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sky Angels Dwell

When you look up to the sky, certain times you'll see them. They don't hide any longer. They're showing themselves almost every day now. Their work to help cleanse the earth for the 1,000 years of peace is in full swing. What began almost 10 years ago, is confirming their evidence. Their existence. Their divine presence. Heaven's Angels are taking back God's planet.

Since this is happening much more quickly now, much more evident, nothing is going to stop their integrated power. They comb the skies like pack animals. Vicious towards their enemies; courageous in their intention; and loyal to their King of Kings. They are in full protection mode.

Heaven's Angels are vibrant, massive and full of powerful plans. Keep watching the skies. It's not your imagination or random cloud shapes. There is purpose happening all around you. Feel the embrace His Angels are bringing and know that goodness will prevail.

Love Happy. Love Being Aware.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The 40th Day ~ And ~ Night

Angels had said to me, "Whenever you feel scared or unsure while we wait, just grab the Hands of Jesus and He will soothe you. He will be there. He will comfort you."

It was something I had done since before I was born and continued to do during my meditational visits with Jesus.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed as I single-handedly carry this gift, I put myself directly in His presence and grab his hands tightly. It's very powerful and for me it works. I can hold His hands in mine and give Him every thought I am having. He comforts me always with a smile. He is so proud that He fills me with pride. It's all very immediate.

We have recently finished our 40th Day and Night of waiting. Now I rest. Soon God's promises will be provided and all of Heaven's dreams will come true. It Is GOD that wants His Angels heard and no one is more excited than Jesus.

Love Happy, Joy & Bliss
Mia & God's Angels

Friday, February 26, 2016

History Is Being Made

It must be said that no one in this world has been assigned this divine and sacred gift.
No one. 

I have been audio recording the Voices of Angels nearly every day for months now, above and beyond the 6 years before. Like a devoted diarist, I have documented every word and promise spoken by our Savior, Jesus Christ, either directly to me or through his devoted Angels. Remarkable even, how comfortable Lord Jesus brings topics and updates to my attention, speaking as the Father He is to me. He can bring me to tears with the smallest memory detail of my life He knows about. 

Even more importantly to document now, is how extraordinary the sacred process has been that's taking place in what I call the Divine Realm in order to bring the Angels Voices to me to bring to the people. All of us that have ever waited for that one important and special event to take place in our lives, don't ever get an inside glimpse into the workings of GOD. The vows, the agreements, the Angels and the Saints, the spiritual juries and the final decisions that all need to be made for eventual placement on the path of the journey. The time that all of GOD's Heavenly Hosts take is thought consuming, methodically groomed and well appointed as if an orchestra of reeds must be heard before the percussion beats and played within a moment before the horns but still . . . not until the strings. Every day I marvel at what is taking place before I'm about to flourish myself.

And all the while, history is being made as never before. No one in the world has captured the inner workings of the Divine Realm such as myself. No one has heard nor recorded sacred voices, benevolent messages or even prophecies that can be replayed and shared with an audience. No one knows the great and important gifts Heaven is capable of creating and controlling. No one has heard from Jesus Christ directly in more than 2,016 years. No one.

And yet when I'm working quietly at my table, carefully threading the words of the sentences Heaven's Angels deliver me, I quiver at the power of me being that one chosen person working diligently in the spiritual science I have devoted my life, humbled by His Grace, for that is usually His time when He reminds me . . . "My darling daughter, I love you. I have given you this miracle and the time is coming."

Have Faith ~ no matter what you may be waiting for.
GOD knows every detail of your Dreams and He's working on them
with His team.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Angels Wild & Raw ~ Encore

This recording from 2013 was so outstanding the first time I posted it, I'm inspired now
to share it again. The music, the language, the beauty of it all is supreme.
Enjoy all the Love Heaven is sending our way. There's more to come. 


Monday, January 4, 2016

Blessed Is The New Year

God's Angels are coming to the beach! 

That's right. It's time to activate our faith to the capacity of Seventh Heaven and not waver from believing in Miracles. Angels will reveal themselves and they've told me the path is clear for their presence.

I've now moved to the San Diego area where God instructed me and the brilliant Angel messages have increased just as Jesus promised. His Almighty Grace paved the entire journey from the shores of the Outer Banks, down thru the Florida Keys, up to my most precious and adored Ouray, Colorado before the final trek to Southern California. Here I Am and the news is remarkable. Indeed!

Angels say: We will stand on the Sand with the Lord and it will Snow!

All the signs will be shown the exact date for only God the Father knows the most revered timing. Angels are very busy continuing to document all the plans they've put in place for the coming weeks.

Praise God Almighty and do not waver in your Faith. Great and Wonderful Miracles will soon be revealed for the whole world to see.

Love is the Brightest in 2016 ~ Mia & His Angels Adore You

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Some Will Say You Lost Your Mind

I experienced an avalanche full of turbulence after the dawning of Lion's Gateway on 8-8-15. . . and trust me, it sounded like an avalanche. Roaring in argument and heavy negative energy; dripping in dark slithery words that I loathed upon recognizing right away.

You see, I'd gotten used to the occasional pepper spray of demonic interferences during my recordings. The buggers simply despise the ground I walk upon and I care little about their pestering imitated angel voices. They sound inherently different and I know that difference in the pit of my soul ~ but something dreadful and powerful entered my invisible realm the week after the heralding Gateway opened. I'm sure others like me have felt, heard, or became somehow aware of a spurt of negative energy. My Angels called it the portal to hell and begged me not to listen. "Please don't listen, Mia." And I agreed. It wasn't pleasant at all and I immediately heeded their caution, taking a few days away from recording. Satan is not happy in the least and I was not about to be the one to intentionally rile him so I left it with God and went to the beach for a few days.

The devil and his minions are acutely aware of what is happening and about to happen to his ruling domain. This is the time for the Christ energy to arrive and they are fighting snarled tooth and splintered nail to hang on . . . yet they've lost.

Here is the Angelic recorded message from this morning at 11:45am EST:
  • This is the last codes. Mia, Christ comes.
  • Last of demons, last of evil demons, our work will be done.
  • Demons come because you got these sounds from God. Last night we got the worst demons and now Angels are in the Grace Layer. God has come to stop this battle of Angels and demons, our defense.
  • Angels are very sorry. I don't like the demons sounds. They wanted to put out your Light. You are a mighty Angel. They wanted you to be afraid.
  • Be advised: I crushed your demons, Angel Richard. I'm here to announce the Miracle of the Angels. I'm here to announce the special visit comes right here. Its our work.
  • Your dream is coming true. Please know I got the bracelets. That's Angel Michael
  • Here comes His Angels for its time to believe in Angel Richard. We will call you to have a special conversation with Jesus Christ. Some will say you lost your mind. Angels make Miss DiDio happy. Like Jesus Christ, your head is surrounded in God's Light. You're a special Angel.
  • Angels fighting away so we can bring your bracelets. That's the prettiest bracelets Angels have ever seen. Michael sent his best Marshals to stop the fighting to make way for Mia DiDio.
  • They have their reasons to stop the sounds. The Black Angels are done. You got a Light. Legos will explain:
  • The last one goes because the Light of these Angels slayed the mother of beasts. Angels can now be in presence. Now that demons are gone, God can send his precious Voices of Angels. Now the Angels' precious work can be done. Now the Agreement comes. 
  • Here is Saint Michael:
  • Know that the Lord's Mightiest Angels will always protect you. You were meant to work with Angels' voices. That's right. Don't ever believe demons can have your Light. WE PRAISE GOD FOR YOU.
I can't wait to finally receive and see my sacred bracelets. Saint Michael has been talking about them since 2009 so they must be beyond extraordinary.

Like a child, I go to God for my gifts.

His Love is My Light.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Angels and Saints, and Jesus is Coming

This Morning's Message
6:15 EST

  • Everyday you're getting something new from Heaven
  • God's Angels are almost ready to speak to the people
  • We called Saint Mary ~ Called Saint Mary down
  • Mary comes down because Satan won't stop ~ He knows you're getting God's Light
  • The Angels are sorry the Light is showing you
  • They know that you're obeying God
  • Satan is very angry
  • Satan is going to have to take it up with God
  • Jesus Christ says go ahead and type it ~ You're protected by His Angels
  • Several people have gifts assigned by Heaven that read what you write
  • And you will give the Angels props
  • You have to watch who's speaking
  • Satan angels only lie ~ God is now making orders ~ God is now talking through
  • The sound that Mia has is from God
  • When He lights up the sky it's His spirit and His spirit is coming
  • The Lord Jesus is coming ~ He's coming to change the world and these Angels come from God
  • We have prayers of your lives ~ Your Father is the Holy Spirit and your lives are about to change
  • I have been speaking to Mia her whole life
  • Saint Thomas is Mia's little brother ~ He's coming down with Daniel and they're gonna protect her ~ They're coming to fight the demons
  • Angels sing in chorus Angels know that Maryann gave her whole life to God. A single light came to her and Angel Michael protects her from the Lord's order
  • God is coming soon ~ Mary's got Angel Gabriel
  • Angel Michael is fighting and the sound we make is THE ANGELS
  • We lift demons right from hair
  • Jesus is coming ~ We are His Angels, it's coming true, its actualization. Jesus is coming

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sending an Angel Ahead of You

I did some new recordings last week and the Angels messages were right on track with what is happening in my life at the present.

First, they have me planning a move. I not only have the desire to leave this little corner of the country but I have a dire need to leave it completely. Thoroughly and gratefully, my work here is done. Something powerful is pulling me along in a powerful direction and I know that its time.

In so doing, I took to my recorder to hear the Angels' hubbub. Its always thrilling when change is approaching and sure enough, Angels are supporting everything they've been planting in my mind and my heart. They said, "We take on the impossibles. Your [location] is waiting and your house is getting pretty."

Ever since I've been able to hear their vocal messages, Angels have announced pending change. This is not the first time they made ready a move where they spoke of the awaiting home. It makes me think of the passage in Exodus 23:20 where the Lord says, "Behold, I am sending an angel ahead of you to protect you on your journey and lead you safely to the place I have prepared."

I didn't ask the Angels this question. I didn't even have this thought in my mind when they offered it up so freely because they know that when they deliver messages they are coming from the Lord.

Two days later, I did another recording and the group of Angels were even more excited. So much so,
they came singing in brilliant chorus . . . "We are the Spirit of the Lord" and I think it's clear enough to make a new video capturing this amazing message.

Stay tuned. Video work is at hand.