Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Dear Treasure Friend Ann Marie

She's an unstoppable powerhouse. A one woman army. And I am proud to have worked beside her taking care of those that have found it difficult in life to take care of themselves.

Here she is giving blankets to one of her precious friends on a cold winter's day.

Again she visits as if no other was more important.

This is how we served, together, side by side & outside under the bridge viaduct in an area of town most people run from.

But not 80 pound Angel of God, Ann Marie.

For more than 13 years through her non profit, The Hidden Treasure Bistro Ann Marie ran from her own home, she cooked, served & delivered to those that had nothing in this world but the clothes on their backs and the blankets they were wrapped in. Clothes, blankets, toiletries, toys and surprise goodies requested, collected and donated also came provided from her heart of love. Even in her own frail state of health, in bad weather and good, faithfully she'd arrive to applause and warm excited welcomes every last Sunday of the month ~ "Because that's when precious food stamp money runs out," she would say while planning the week's menu for 250+.

Her needs were simple in return. An extra oven to cook on, 2 deep freezers in the garage, endless amounts of paper goods and gasoline to fill her Jeep. And boy, when that Jeep pulled up right in that spot she would serve from, her regulars would have her parking spot waiting for their Special Girl. Every man had a warm, genuine crush on her and every woman wished they could cook that good.

My dear treasure friend is gone now, called home to God last Friday and I will miss her every day I am left without her. Though she's right where I can't see her, already talking to me through my channel, so many that loved and appreciated her will be lost for awhile, missing dearly that 3 table spread she pumped out of her little Cape home, all on her own. They too will miss giving heartfelt thanks to Ann Marie right at the time they'd hug on her, eager to tell her a story since the last month she was there.

And sometimes others would arrive, eager to hear hers. 

Finally, she's in the care of Angels, dancing in eternity and doing still what she can for others. I love you my Dear Treasure Friend, Ann Marie. Rest well.

To read more about Ann Marie, here is just one more article published this week since her passing:

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