Sunday, October 2, 2011

Angels vs. God

Times that present themselves to make me feel like sharing with random people that I can actually hear Angels (vs. sensing them), that I've been blessed with being able to audibly record them, a frequent question is: Then why don't they make ____ happen for you? Or once in a while a smartass will say a nasty like: Yea right. I see you haven't won the lottery yet!

People like those I'd rather not respond at all but instead, turning my other (ass) cheek, they too get my usual response: Because Angels aren't God.

And then I see the eyebrows lift, a faint tilt of the head, mouths pursed. Yep, I can tell they need some insight so I share just a bit of my Angel Michael part of the story.

When sound waves blasted through Heaven's Gates for me in August of 2009 and I was allowed to hear the commotion in Heaven, the warring Angels and my defending family, I thought for sure I stumbled into some huge spiritual mistake. So much angst that I dared not speak about it for days and days, fearing that God would hear me; hear that my trespass was even greater than what spurned the whole story to begin with, and huge wrath would befall me. Or hear that I pierced the Immaculate Sacred Veil and the miracle-by-mistake would be taken away. Seriously. I was that fly on the wall inside the most exclusive chamber the world can ever imagine, and I wanted to hear more. That, and I believe something greater has been hard at work protecting me from something equally wicked in hot pursuit in my lifetime. From a little girl this dark being has been hovering. But anyway . . .

When sound waves blasted through Heaven's Gates and after I called the Mighty Archangels for sacred intercession, and after they certainly arrived in all their GLORY, and they set to embattle the enemy in my home, Angel Michael wanted to know who I was and so he went to Heaven to find out. Only then did God and Christ reveal who I was and what my mission would be. So even Angels are not privy to all the details that God holds in His heart; the very details that each one of our souls are meant to accomplish.

So when I come across random persons that need to hear my usual response after I've shared my sweetly cherished gift, I know that God created the entire situation for only He knows that person, or persons, needed to hear something in my story, just by themselves, that resonates to His liking.

Then they can be left to ponder the mystery of it all the whole day long, and I'll be left knowing that as they are, my story touched someone once more.

Angels Abound . . . Mia

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