Thursday, April 5, 2012

What a great feeling ~ What a great epiphany

I have completed my first narrative nonfiction work THY KINGDOM COME.

It is available on Amazon for Kindle and you can download there. Just click on the book's image in the right margin here to take you to the Amazon page or search Amazon "Books" either by my name (that's a capital "D" and another capital "D") or the full title of the book: Thy Kingdom Come: Piercing the Sacred Veil ~~ I never knew, or realized (chagrin), so many would love my title so much that vast others have used it for themselves.

But really, I'm so proud of myself seeing this through. I had stuck to my guns (no bullets, damn it) for too long upon long trying to woo a freaking agent; wanting to go the traditional route, since I was 7 years old for crying out loud ~ and no, I don't feel like I sold out.

I feel empowered. Even if there are hardly any sales to sniff of, it's a tremendous feeling I have. I can now digitize my other fiction work and get it out there. Such an amazing feat. <pat-pat to my winged shoulders>

Mostly I want to make mention of how this is what writer's have always had to experience.

From the turning of time, publishers have shut doors on authors as far back as Way Before Christ. All kinds of artists that believed in their work found back doors to go through ~ to find ways to express their gifts, express themselves, express their worth and what they brought with them to this world. We have not come that much farther in this latest century, the year of 2012, and shame on those that close doors. Free spirits will always find new ones that are outside the frame that holds a damn door.

Writers, musicians, poets, painters, actors, comics will prevail, will persist and will always find their bliss.

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