Monday, April 30, 2012

It's About Time

Angels refer to time repeatedly. Their time is our time. They live through us. In ways people cannot comprehend, Angels live through us. We all have The Angel Component dwelling inside our bodies. We just forgot it was planted there, attributed automatically into our DNA it blends with our spirit to keep us connected to the divine realm.

Angels know time is precious. Just like some of us believe. And there's a reason for that feeling of appreciation.

Angels want us to wake up. To pay attention. To believe that something surreal and divine and miraculous is absolutely possible and just at our fingertips. They get so frustrated waiting. Waiting, waiting and waiting. They're bored out of their gourds. They have these specific assignments they're supposed to accomplish in our lifetimes. But you see what happens when we're not asking, What it is I'm supposed to do before I leave this plain, they can only direct us so far. The beauty lies in the asking. "Ask and you shall receive" is written in the Scriptures, a bit of a puzzle itself.

This doesn't mean to ask for lottery winnings. Or ask to be rich and famous. It has to be in accordance with what you agreed to in the Akashic Library, before your birth. Then was the time to sign up, to choose how you would live this next time around for if you were rich and famous once before, new lessons cannot be learned to serve our soul's mission if you come back to make the same mistakes. It's always about learning new lessons and sometimes choosing poverty has been one of them but it can also be shared with reward.

Angels cannot interfere with those Sacred Agreements. They can only help you along. And part of your coming here included forgetting the details of that agreement but if you truly, humbly, sincerely ask for divine guidance to be shown again what it is you're supposed to accomplish, Angels will flood you like nobody's business.

Go ahead. Ask the Archangels to help you remember who it is you're supposed to be, or where you're supposed to work or move to. They will leap at the chance to help you. Archangels, powerful beings able to bring about the greatest of changes, are completely non-denominational. Their only role is help you be happy and fulfilled in this world so that you can have the life you were meant to live. We've all had feelings of: "What am I doing? This doesn't feel right."

You're right. Your feelings are not betraying you. Those are nudges from your Guardian Angels trying to wake you up. They are your go between to greatness. When you truly connect to what drives you inside, you will know and there will be no doubt.

I encourage you to visit my website to herald the help of Angels into your life. Ask to be shown your way. Soon after calling them you will be filled with new ideas, new goals, new means to the way you were meant to travel. They guarantee it!

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