Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well, Well, Well . . .

Instead of posting some messages from the angels I collected Holy Weekend, I decided to do something fun today ~ not that listening to angels isn't fun. I'd been getting a nagging for something E X T R A fun . . . I played with Jesus. Yes, that's right. And look, there's a new tab for Him ^

All I can tell you is this . . .

2 days ago I was really frustrated with a few things about life realm and divine purpose. And so, as I am, I asked God and Jesus, "What more can I do?" and not even a full second of that question passed when my iPhone dinged with a new email. I thought it might have been a text I was waiting for but no. It was an email. From a marvelous friend that lives local who sends out monthly newsletters on a topic near and dear to me: angels and inspiration.

Wouldn't you know just as I asked, "What more can I do?" the simplest newsletter of inspiration appeared and all it said was, "Play."

I guess finally today it played out and I went and played with my video maker that I haven't tackled for a really long time. (I always have to re-teach myself these things that I teach myself to do in one day. Like the blog. After I've crammed the lesson into my brain, I'm petrified to revisit the task panes to re-figure it all out again. But that's for another day.) Video Maker really throws me for a lesson-loop but I kept things easy and just clicked on a previous one to see what the heck I did. I really wanted Jesus to finally have His day. I'd been saving some of His recordings for my special book editions that haven't been developed yet but since it's Spring 2012 the Sunday after Easter, Jesus is the Beau-tillion of His own Social Debut.

And so this post is about Jesus. My play date for today. I've made my Prince of Light an amazing voice video I'm happy to share on His own page on His own tab. Please, please enjoy!

~ My Love, Mia

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