Sunday, April 22, 2012

Angels are Gleeful

It's been almost 3 years in the making ~ Telling the story, as the angels have called it. Called it, called it and called it. But I had issues you see. I didn't trust the source. When your senses become activated like mine did, virtually over night, it freaks you out.

Remember that scene in the movie Ghost when Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg) is in her seance room scamming everyone that she can "hear" the spirits but she can't until she can suddenly hear Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze)? And then he's all excited that she can hear him?

That's how I felt hearing angels and demons and my family on the other side, hearing the preternatural battle.

"I can hear them! Oh my God, I can hear them!" I went on when I finally had the nerve to say it out loud.

And that's exactly how the Archangels felt, too.
She can hear us. Why can she hear us? Angel Michael had demanded.

What made it worse is that it wasn't enough that I heard, or I should say record to help me hear for I'd heard voices of ghosts all the time but those were ghosts in the existing atmosphere, a realm scientifically proven to be tapped into. In one day I had not only become a medium but one that excelled the known realms of dimension. Where do you go with that?

And after Angel Michael had a meeting with God and learned this was in the coming, I then became the angels' channel. A Clear Channel as I learned. I admit I'd always been intuitive and sensitive to hearing subtleties of a psychic nature and had a divinity thread connecting me to God but this elevated me to the beyond. To make matters worse, I'd never heard of anyone capable of the same attunement.

It took some time for us to cohere, easier for them for they had Jesus and Mary and Magdalene they could see and visit with. I had a mixture of good and evil telling me things, so many things I didn't know what was true. And so the delay of these 3 years had set in. I did not want to go forward with this book without Heaven's blessing. There are things, negative things, one cannot freely put out into the atmosphere without consequences. Some could be grave and I have been a target more than once for dark entities to mess with. I realize that as someone who has worked with the supernatural realm almost a decade now. It could only happen with the protection of Heaven's saints, stalwart warriors and the Lord's commission.

It got to the point of comedic fury that all of Heaven was yelling at me, Tell the story!!

And now I have at least begun to tell the story. The first is in the marketplace. The Angels helped create the book trailer and their excitement over the accomplishment is through the roof, er, clouds. They are gleeful, indeed.

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