Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Go Ahead, Ask ...

. . . Ask them anything.

Angels love Q&A's!! Oh My God, how they love questions!

You see, no one has really truly busted through the Sacred Veil like I have. Oh sure, there are plenty of Angel Sensitives around us: Ascended Masters, Light Shiners and Do-Gooders the Wide World Over but Angels have taught me, shown me and I've now accepted that what I have, no one else has. Right now. (I'll save that explanation for another post) And I know I'm humble about it but I'm being nudged to shout it to the skies that Jesus has touched me and given me a miracle. Everyone has to know.

It took a lot to get me here. To get me convinced. Even God had to step forward, 'cause He knows how I am about sacred messages, so much so He was forced to speak in that booming thunder only He can do, right into my recorder He did, loud and clear He definitely convicted that what I was hearing, was true.

But that truth of hearing angels is kind of old news in relation to what the Angels want me to write now. Now they want to talk about how this miracle has affected them, in their realm.

They want you to believe, to know in your hearts this has never happened before and they are ecstatic. They have been a-jumpin' in giddiness since the year 2009 came to an end.

No one has ever heard Angels! they shrieked.

I imagine them nodding like the Munchkins did to each other in Oz when Dorothy arrived. She's really here
is like She can really hear us.

And angels, upon angels, upon angels have stepped forward to see me; to meet me, ever since. Me, the one that got through to their realm. So much disbelief even for them, that Archangel Michael had to have a meeting with God, for confirmation, for God had never spoke of this event before it came to be. God surprised even the angels that this was going to happen some day.

Now that it has, they want to talk. Talk, talk and talk. They want to speak and answer questions and share all that they know and all that you have questions about. This has been very joyful and fun for them the times we've gone to conduct Q&A sessions. They chatter about in answering your deepest queries of the Realm of Heaven. They finish each other's sentences. They speak in tandem and solely. It's heightened, effervescent energy at its purest and its time consuming for me because 5 minutes of their time turns into 8 to 10 hours of my time, analyzing their immaculate playback. But it's all worth it. Of course they answer.

To sense, to feel and to hear their unrestrained happiness that the veil has thinned to allow them into our world touches me in ways you can't imagine.

I am amazingly more proud to be their confidante as the days we spend together take us one step closer to changing one more life to believing their existence is real. Please take the time to to explore the tabs above to hear for yourself.

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