Thursday, May 3, 2012

What? Really?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked at my live presentations where I bring the Voices of the Angels for people to hear them is: How are you sure these are not ghosts or other spirits speaking?

Because I studied the voices of ghosts for a number of years before the phenomenon changed for me. I had a test model before the miracle.

Trust me. I'm a born skeptic. I question all kinds of things but thankfully I'm also a born truth seeker. If there's something scientific or environmental that I can discover the reasonable explanation on my own, I will set out to do it. I did it with fossils, I did it with 4-wheelin' banking, and many other quizzical oddities I've wondered about. I have found resolutions to big questions that have satisfied my need to question any further. I did it with ghosts and the phenomenal ability to hear them.

But here's the thing about ghosts . . .

They do not have the energy to speak for more than 5 or 6 words, tops. That's it. Normally their sentence length is 1 to 3 words max. This is in terms of recordable words. Audio recordable speaking like you and I do, not what psychics can hear. And not all psychic mediums are hearing full sentences either so they know what's a true spirit and what may be environmental vibration or outside interference.

Just as a medium can distinguish the supernatural from the tangible, so can I. Angels do not speak with an energy surge of limited words. No. They speak for hours. Any one of my sound files has entire minutes of non-stop speaking. Angels speaking, Mary speaking and the occasional visit from Jesus and a profound emergence from God once or twice. Though they finish sentences for each other, their message is constant. No ghost or lingering spirit in the paranormal realm has that capability. Ever.

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