Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Archangels Work Wonders

Yes they do. Absolutely! I know first hand the wonders they bring, the wonders they leave behind. I am a changed woman because of the wonders they bestowed upon me.

I was nearly broken and didn't realize it. I had taken my spiritual walk with God for granted in some small way to me that was huge to Him. I walked this earth realm with the attitude that what came my way I was supposed to "be in it" as a kind of blaize' faire approach but something was wrong with that thought pattern. Just enough off skew needled and nudged me. I felt it. I knew I hadn't tapped into my highest potential. I was even waiting for it, passive mode. Little did I know that I had the catalyst around me the whole time. It just took that one ultimate fear to ignite the flame.

Fear does many wonderful things for us believe it or not. When we are in fear quick action is required. It sprouts as powerful as an erupting volcano with only one agenda: To protect, to assert. Whether it's for our life, our family, our home, or our soul, we valiantly ascend. Immediately. For me it was grabbing my laptop while I ran in terror to the backyard googling "How to call all the Archangels" ~ Little did I know there were 7 of them at the core of transformation; far more remote did I realize this Mighty 7 travel together to work their wonders like no other tribe you can imagine; and yet more astounding I had zero relationship acknowledged to the Archangels before that fateful day. I cannot imagine living the rest of my life without them.

What Archangels do for you in the preternatural realm is unremarkable. The only trick is that you have to call them. Oh sure, your Guardian Angel(s) can appeal to them on your behalf if they feel you may be teetering into trouble but for fully realized wonders to take place you must call the Archangels or ask your Guardian Angels to hail them. Then is when you will experience healings and redemption and joy and transformation like never before. Heck, you may even experience miracles.

If you would like to call the Archangels into your life for blessings, healings, direction from confusion and any other transformation you have thought about making, visit my Angels Dwell website for instructions on how to do so. I have a micro image on the right side of my blog here with an embedded link that will take you there, or start with the invocation tab right here, Brothers in Arms for immediate ascension to Archangels' awe-tastic instructions. Please drop me an email to let me know the changes taking place in your life.

Only good comes when the Archangels discover you. Go ahead, call them. They're waiting to guide you.

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