Monday, April 30, 2012

It's About Time

Angels refer to time repeatedly. Their time is our time. They live through us. In ways people cannot comprehend, Angels live through us. We all have The Angel Component dwelling inside our bodies. We just forgot it was planted there, attributed automatically into our DNA it blends with our spirit to keep us connected to the divine realm.

Angels know time is precious. Just like some of us believe. And there's a reason for that feeling of appreciation.

Angels want us to wake up. To pay attention. To believe that something surreal and divine and miraculous is absolutely possible and just at our fingertips. They get so frustrated waiting. Waiting, waiting and waiting. They're bored out of their gourds. They have these specific assignments they're supposed to accomplish in our lifetimes. But you see what happens when we're not asking, What it is I'm supposed to do before I leave this plain, they can only direct us so far. The beauty lies in the asking. "Ask and you shall receive" is written in the Scriptures, a bit of a puzzle itself.

This doesn't mean to ask for lottery winnings. Or ask to be rich and famous. It has to be in accordance with what you agreed to in the Akashic Library, before your birth. Then was the time to sign up, to choose how you would live this next time around for if you were rich and famous once before, new lessons cannot be learned to serve our soul's mission if you come back to make the same mistakes. It's always about learning new lessons and sometimes choosing poverty has been one of them but it can also be shared with reward.

Angels cannot interfere with those Sacred Agreements. They can only help you along. And part of your coming here included forgetting the details of that agreement but if you truly, humbly, sincerely ask for divine guidance to be shown again what it is you're supposed to accomplish, Angels will flood you like nobody's business.

Go ahead. Ask the Archangels to help you remember who it is you're supposed to be, or where you're supposed to work or move to. They will leap at the chance to help you. Archangels, powerful beings able to bring about the greatest of changes, are completely non-denominational. Their only role is help you be happy and fulfilled in this world so that you can have the life you were meant to live. We've all had feelings of: "What am I doing? This doesn't feel right."

You're right. Your feelings are not betraying you. Those are nudges from your Guardian Angels trying to wake you up. They are your go between to greatness. When you truly connect to what drives you inside, you will know and there will be no doubt.

I encourage you to visit my website to herald the help of Angels into your life. Ask to be shown your way. Soon after calling them you will be filled with new ideas, new goals, new means to the way you were meant to travel. They guarantee it!

Click the link at the end of this sentence to be transported to the Way to the Angels.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beautiful Creature

A week ago Sunday I had doors and windows open to let in the spring air and a beautiful creature hobbled in with it. Skin and bones and fur and tangerine, it was an ancient stray cat looking for a soft place to rest one last time. I nursed him along as best as I could but I was no match against the time it spent on this earth and the ravages taking place inside its delicate body. Everything was failing this beautiful creature; sight, hearing, balance, hips but not it's beautiful meowing mixed with endless purring. It talked purr.

I don't know where it came from, crept out from a foreclosed property or deplorible condition somewhere but it found me. It knew the angels were in the presence others can't see. It knew it would have love one last time in this realm before going to the next. And it knew it wasn't going to be much longer before angels would come to get it.

Rest in peace beautiful creature. You brought tremendous love with you and I was honored to love you for a few days in return. You are a beautiful angel.

Heshe Tangerine RIP 4/24/12

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Angels are Gleeful

It's been almost 3 years in the making ~ Telling the story, as the angels have called it. Called it, called it and called it. But I had issues you see. I didn't trust the source. When your senses become activated like mine did, virtually over night, it freaks you out.

Remember that scene in the movie Ghost when Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg) is in her seance room scamming everyone that she can "hear" the spirits but she can't until she can suddenly hear Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze)? And then he's all excited that she can hear him?

That's how I felt hearing angels and demons and my family on the other side, hearing the preternatural battle.

"I can hear them! Oh my God, I can hear them!" I went on when I finally had the nerve to say it out loud.

And that's exactly how the Archangels felt, too.
She can hear us. Why can she hear us? Angel Michael had demanded.

What made it worse is that it wasn't enough that I heard, or I should say record to help me hear for I'd heard voices of ghosts all the time but those were ghosts in the existing atmosphere, a realm scientifically proven to be tapped into. In one day I had not only become a medium but one that excelled the known realms of dimension. Where do you go with that?

And after Angel Michael had a meeting with God and learned this was in the coming, I then became the angels' channel. A Clear Channel as I learned. I admit I'd always been intuitive and sensitive to hearing subtleties of a psychic nature and had a divinity thread connecting me to God but this elevated me to the beyond. To make matters worse, I'd never heard of anyone capable of the same attunement.

It took some time for us to cohere, easier for them for they had Jesus and Mary and Magdalene they could see and visit with. I had a mixture of good and evil telling me things, so many things I didn't know what was true. And so the delay of these 3 years had set in. I did not want to go forward with this book without Heaven's blessing. There are things, negative things, one cannot freely put out into the atmosphere without consequences. Some could be grave and I have been a target more than once for dark entities to mess with. I realize that as someone who has worked with the supernatural realm almost a decade now. It could only happen with the protection of Heaven's saints, stalwart warriors and the Lord's commission.

It got to the point of comedic fury that all of Heaven was yelling at me, Tell the story!!

And now I have at least begun to tell the story. The first is in the marketplace. The Angels helped create the book trailer and their excitement over the accomplishment is through the roof, er, clouds. They are gleeful, indeed.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well, Well, Well . . .

Instead of posting some messages from the angels I collected Holy Weekend, I decided to do something fun today ~ not that listening to angels isn't fun. I'd been getting a nagging for something E X T R A fun . . . I played with Jesus. Yes, that's right. And look, there's a new tab for Him ^

All I can tell you is this . . .

2 days ago I was really frustrated with a few things about life realm and divine purpose. And so, as I am, I asked God and Jesus, "What more can I do?" and not even a full second of that question passed when my iPhone dinged with a new email. I thought it might have been a text I was waiting for but no. It was an email. From a marvelous friend that lives local who sends out monthly newsletters on a topic near and dear to me: angels and inspiration.

Wouldn't you know just as I asked, "What more can I do?" the simplest newsletter of inspiration appeared and all it said was, "Play."

I guess finally today it played out and I went and played with my video maker that I haven't tackled for a really long time. (I always have to re-teach myself these things that I teach myself to do in one day. Like the blog. After I've crammed the lesson into my brain, I'm petrified to revisit the task panes to re-figure it all out again. But that's for another day.) Video Maker really throws me for a lesson-loop but I kept things easy and just clicked on a previous one to see what the heck I did. I really wanted Jesus to finally have His day. I'd been saving some of His recordings for my special book editions that haven't been developed yet but since it's Spring 2012 the Sunday after Easter, Jesus is the Beau-tillion of His own Social Debut.

And so this post is about Jesus. My play date for today. I've made my Prince of Light an amazing voice video I'm happy to share on His own page on His own tab. Please, please enjoy!

~ My Love, Mia

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Holy Weekend Recordings

I conducted audio recordings of the angels and Jesus on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I have time today to post some of those messages here and will return to write them up.

In the meantime, I brought over from my YouTube channel one of the first audio videos I ever made that includes actual voice recordings of The Choir ~ this is the collective group of angels that come forward sometimes when I ask them to get louder. They're amazingly gorgeous.

Click on the tab above Angel Videos.

Enjoy, from them, the Angels.

Monday, April 9, 2012

What's Mia's is Mine

I belong to a few clubs: The Writer's Life, Freelancer For Hire, Over 50, Mother of Two and No One Else Has My Name.

Until now. Someone else kinda has my name and it's kind of creepy.

When I was a kid I always wanted a simple but striking last name like Taylor or Wilson. Since I was going to be a published author, something catchy with strong marketability was definitely part of the plan. "Mia Taylor" or "Mia Wilson" even "Mia Armstrong" all sounded way better than Mia DiDio.

DiDio was a name that was made fun of in school all the time. Another club. It was a name I usually had to spell correctly for others ~ "That's a capital "D" and another capital "D", Mr. Harris. No, it's not one word it's two, pronounced D-Dee-O. No, you can't turn it into one word or my dad will come see you." That's what Italian dads do ~ they go see you.

My last name also had that ethnic attribution I fantasized about crawling out from underneath of, too. When you grow up first generation ethniticity you want everything to be Americanized, nothing less than homogenized, in the false world of acceptance. It's what I thought I wanted.

Then I did grow up. I not only began to love my name but I learned to love the pronunciation of my name. Mi-a Di-Di-o. For being of such few letters it's packed with a ton of syllables. There's some kind of power just in that but really it's packed with lots of meaning tied to my Italian heritage from love and a sacred connection.

Mia is because one of my brothers who, when we were toddlers, couldn't pronounce my given name of Maryann. That happened to suit my father just fine. "Don't cry," he'd say. "Mia is Italian for mine. And your mine," he added with a pinch of my nose.

I felt proud; I felt like I belonged and when he called me Mia, I felt loved no matter what else was happening.

The name DiDio, forget about it. I've mentioned its beauty before. Straight from the Heavens themselves that means Of God ~ it too is my father's name; both of my fathers from here and above.

By the time I was well beyond my days of youth I had completely decided that my writing name would be my given name and nothing else. No Nom de Plume, especially after seeing author Joan Didion's books among the stacks of bookstores. There's definitely a sense of ownership that comes with in-born heritage.

Now that my hard work, virtual efforts and spiritual manifestation are all becoming a cohesive presence, there's another that kind of has my name out there but she's not me. This Other Name lives in Florida and looks like she could be me but she's not. I don't want to be confused with that Other Name. Mine is mine.

It makes for a searchable quandary because most people aren't that sensitive to accented or accentuated names. The Other Name is the different spelling with the second "D" in lower case that would be pronounced like Video. That's a wholly different pronunciation.

I'm glad my name is Google-able and when you come across it in Google-land, or input it into a search engine, please know I am not the same Other Name that's from Florida. I've lived in Arizona, New England and upstate New York. My name is mine and the spelling of it is highly important. =)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

What a great feeling ~ What a great epiphany

I have completed my first narrative nonfiction work THY KINGDOM COME.

It is available on Amazon for Kindle and you can download there. Just click on the book's image in the right margin here to take you to the Amazon page or search Amazon "Books" either by my name (that's a capital "D" and another capital "D") or the full title of the book: Thy Kingdom Come: Piercing the Sacred Veil ~~ I never knew, or realized (chagrin), so many would love my title so much that vast others have used it for themselves.

But really, I'm so proud of myself seeing this through. I had stuck to my guns (no bullets, damn it) for too long upon long trying to woo a freaking agent; wanting to go the traditional route, since I was 7 years old for crying out loud ~ and no, I don't feel like I sold out.

I feel empowered. Even if there are hardly any sales to sniff of, it's a tremendous feeling I have. I can now digitize my other fiction work and get it out there. Such an amazing feat. <pat-pat to my winged shoulders>

Mostly I want to make mention of how this is what writer's have always had to experience.

From the turning of time, publishers have shut doors on authors as far back as Way Before Christ. All kinds of artists that believed in their work found back doors to go through ~ to find ways to express their gifts, express themselves, express their worth and what they brought with them to this world. We have not come that much farther in this latest century, the year of 2012, and shame on those that close doors. Free spirits will always find new ones that are outside the frame that holds a damn door.

Writers, musicians, poets, painters, actors, comics will prevail, will persist and will always find their bliss.