Friday, January 8, 2016

Angels Wild & Raw ~ Encore

This recording from 2013 was so outstanding the first time I posted it, I'm inspired now
to share it again. The music, the language, the beauty of it all is supreme.
Enjoy all the Love Heaven is sending our way. There's more to come. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Blessed Is The New Year

God's Angels are coming to the beach! 

That's right. It's time to activate our faith to the capacity of Seventh Heaven and not waver from believing in Miracles. Angels will reveal themselves and they've told me the path is clear for their presence.

I've now moved to the San Diego area where God instructed me and the brilliant Angel messages have increased just as Jesus promised. His Almighty Grace paved the entire journey from the shores of the Outer Banks, down thru the Florida Keys, up to my most precious and adored Ouray, Colorado before the final trek to Southern California. Here I Am and the news is remarkable. Indeed!

Angels say: We will stand on the Sand with the Lord and it will Snow!

All the signs will be shown the exact date for only God the Father knows the most revered timing. Angels are very busy continuing to document all the plans they've put in place for the coming weeks.

Praise God Almighty and do not waver in your Faith. Great and Wonderful Miracles will soon be revealed for the whole world to see.

Love is the Brightest in 2016 ~ Mia & His Angels Adore You