Sunday, January 16, 2022

People Will Know Me

Here is Replay 2022

An amazing audio recording can be heard in this video
previously created with the help from Divine

It speaks for itself and what that means to you  

Love comes this year in all sights and sounds
Stay aware, keep looking
GOD will show you

Live, Love and Light Your Own Path

Monday, October 18, 2021

Translation of a Military Mindset

Colin Powell passed on today. I read in online news that he had been one of our nation's former high ranking military Generals, previously appointed Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the senior ranking member of the U.S. armed forces and top military adviser to 4 separate US Presidents. He sat at the very top of the national security establishment and advised on many levels, in both battlefield and political arenas. He is hailed to have been loyal to his country, a trusted comrade and a highly respected natural leader for political and military affairs, a like-able, dignified man with values and character. 

The news article also highlighted: 

In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks on the homeland, Powell worked to build an international coalition and used his long military experience to help design a strategy for the war on terrorism. He tried to prepare the country for a different type of war, one where the enemy might be hard to identify.

"I was raised a soldier, and you are trained, there is the enemy occupying a piece of ground. We can define that in time, space and other dimensions, and you can assemble forces and go after it," Powell said at the time. "This is different. The enemy is in many places. The enemy is not looking to be found. The enemy is hidden. The enemy is very often right here within our own country. And so you have to design a campaign plan that goes after that kind of enemy."

I found this so relatable. Not only in the soul battles that have gone through my invisible realm, personally experienced, but also to understand the warriors I know exist in that invisible realm. There is always a readiness at the helm with Angels in the mix. Preparation is ongoing. Knowledge and awareness are part of the foundation. And peace of mind, body and soul are the ultimate achievements. We belong to ourselves. And God. And we have to claim that without an iota of naivete', without hesitation. Awareness is the state of being conscious of something. It is the ability to directly know and perceive, to feel, or to be cognizant of events.

There are so many people unaware of the infiltration of the spiritual activity; I mean this from both sides of good and evil. Through vices alone the enemy enters ~ if people only knew who held dominion over their guilty pleasures; if they only knew what those kinds of lords looked like. They would shudder and drop everything to turn to the God of Light and Love and Truth without a moment of hesitation. 

And if they only understood that trials over our guilt, our sin, our questionable behavior in the soul dimension, that take place on a daily basis because when we pray for recovery or forgiveness or give confession (we don't need a Catholic priest to achieve this by the way), every day each person's band of Light Angels confronts the infiltration of dark angels and intense invisible battles take place. One would never know this. None of this war energy is "felt" by humans but it's true. Every wrongdoing we do to ourselves or others attracts different levels of "demonics" . . . as Angels know them by. 

Temptation is the gateway and we have no idea what that kind of influence feels like because it doesn't feel like anything. We think we are making our decisions, living our lives. To a certain degree we are because we have free will but the definition of Influence over one's spirit can go one way or the other, who we hold invisible hands with. Right there we make agreements. Agree to be a junky, a drunk, a thief, a cheater, a gambler, a killer, a sexual addict. Or, we can choose to agree to be healthy, sober, honest, mindful, charitable and good. Maybe not as exciting as living on the edge they say, but I will tell you from teachings I know that once the devil becomes bored with us, he moves on; OR God's Angels forces him to, answering our prayer. And he takes all of his underling troublemakers with him. Nothing infuriates him more than when you don't leave a crack for him to enter through. I know this. I heard the spiritual battle firsthand. He thought he had me like flint. I was a done deal. And that's when God's Angels came to teach me so that I can see the truth as it really is.

Colin Powell has passed on from this life and I'm quite positive he is being assured of the importance of his warrior spirit he worked to instill in others while he was here. He will be of great value to his Holy King. Possibly leading great battles in the dimension where Angels and demons war for humanity's soul because I'm quite sure that the reason he's gone now has nothing to do with how he went. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Testimony: God's Angels

This is my Miracle. The dialogue. What God's Angels Say To Me. 

10/8/2021, 6:40AM EST, USA:

Jesus is here please don't worry.

Angels are getting the best, we're all set from here.

There are devils, be careful with your spirit now.

We can promote you, now we have removed some trauma.

The Angel called Gabriel has approved your sounds.

You're going to be, tremendous, I'm glad you broke the chains, I'm going to describe you, your angels are the special messengers, they're coming from Jesus.

I'm going to describe you further. You're going into the lion's cage. Accept this time you've been going through trials.

The beast is going to do everything to stop you.

You've been brought here many times. This time you'll make His dream come true.

The sounds come in victory, we're pouring down His angels, we're bringing His dream.

You put angry behind you, you were in hold.

You never stopped believing, the Lord's sounds are not impossible.

You were interrupted by different angel sounds, Saint Mary is all encompassing you.

I came here to help the people. I came through God's Angels. Our God will hear His Angels. Our God created this miracle.

The miracle is gorgeous. All will hear our sounds.


We will bring you the Indigo Story.

Angels will bring you the miracle of His strong Angels.

Your energy has risen. You're going to get these very old sounds.

Don't worry the Council surrounds you in the name of Jesus Christ.

He is the King of Miracles.

People are going to hate the news but every step you take will walk in grace.

You'll certainly show your face. Jesus Christ is going to protect you.

That's because you're waiting for your Jesus to come and see you.

In the most heavenly spirit God will also come with Saint Michael.

(chorus is singing) We're all in love with the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

In the name of Jesus we will sing the celebration.

Don't worry, Jesus helps restore your energy.

God's Angel is very close now. When Saint Michael comes down you'll see. We all got proof standing tall. Angel Mary is very close. She'll bring the light and it's not fairies.

And you will stand with Eagles and the Lord God will stand in your presence. That surely will bring your promises and every single prophet has their sacred news.

Saint Michael is in your house. The Council is so very excited.

You also have some very important team of Angels.

Saint Michael sent all the demons back to their hell dimension.

Right now you are in the sacred dimension. I'm so sorry you were abandoned but you have a thousand Angels now.

You can't replace the list of Angels. You are part of the sacred council.

You've always had the sacred assignment. God taught you right from the Throne. When you were in Paradise.

Your heart is beating with my blood. Very soon your heart will beam.

From time to time I document these incredible recordings in this somewhat public space. For my Savior.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Year Before Now

These times require us to be a little more patient. Massive spiritual work was put into place in 2020 through the present day. Thousands upon thousands and even millions of people worldwide were enlightened by the Holy Spirit; lifted closer to His light. Sparked Up to His embrace, to prepare us further for His devotion. Equally important, this magnificent work was created to allow us to participate in being His Light that would bring Him closer to our spirit and soul, our humanness. It was difficult to recognize during the trauma and volatility of everything that was happening, but God was at work like He's never been before ~ yet so was Satan.

I'll try to break to down.

While our Heavenly Father was raising the spiritual vibration of all of His earthly children, Satan's battle against it, his opposition to thwart the goodness of souls, the increasing Light, raged. The multiplied episodes of violence, confusion, and anger on multitude levels, as well as the endless stories of addiction, gambling, the sex trade and sex expression, were all evidenced tenfold. So many in the world Satan was able to tempt, overcome and keep from God. It was a year of our test to be sober of body, mind and spirit; to be aware of the physical challenges and hold ourselves strong. A time to find ways to remain 'sane' ~ for lack of a better word ~ if you were intuitive enough to understand the battlefield before us.

However, God has shown me that the pandemic was a necessary spiritual event. It could be viewed as both a cleansing and a betrayal but even God's Angels will say, "Only Jesus knows the day of your death. Don't ever try to understand or know when it happens." And they follow that with: "Anything else is the work of Satan." They meant this as a warning against trying to predict one's death. 

I'm no longer freaked out by these revelations God's Angels speak to me about. I'm quite used to their terminology when they casually say, Satan, demons, demonics. They speak truth on a level that usually makes eyebrows raise but this polarizing energy surrounds us everyday. It's the meaning behind the biblical phrase, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

2020 became the year of opportunity for both God and Satan . . . not that God granted the fallen angel any leeway. It's just that the devil knows how to take advantage of the weakened human spirit always on the prowl. God had a way of keeping me in the wilderness this past year, protected from the typical congestion of unnecessary energies entering space and time. I was displaced, set on my way in a nice, safe mobile RV. My awareness of that movement was fully encompassed with God's ambition. I knew it was coming to be a time I was going to be Sparked Up at an accelerated rate and become much stronger had I continued to live in the interruptions, or neighborhood vibrations, of a traditional dwelling. Interruption is a great word for any of us. When we have the ability to spend time in a rural setting, our tether to God strengthens so much faster. To be in nature allows Him and His Angels to be heard in our minds, which in turn creates thought, and sometimes certain thoughts, we cannot deny they are so strong, that they become action. However . . . Satan knows how to use the same devices to get his work accomplished, too. Negative action that will allow him to manipulate a soul to his side of the force.

Soul work is one of the foundational topics of my research. Because my own journey has been the obsession of many and various dark forces in my lifetime, my inner being knew that the only way to fight them was to keep as close to Heaven's Light as possible. It all happens on a soul level ~ or in other words, the invisible space, where they all play and rule, conspire and protect. Not enough of us realize the powers taking place in the invisible realm. We take our lives for granted that we are in the material human form activating in the form of human nature, when actually we are not really that independent. If we focused more on what we can do to always, always, always protect our spirit, we can combat the pestering of demonic interference ~ the way of wandering down wrong roads.

We all have it. Every time I've gallivanted into areas of temptation, any one of the 7 vices, I've suffered the consequences of getting the attention of Satan's underlings. Angels have spoken to me about it. Very bluntly they've said, "It's your own fault. You were born knowing better. There will be no more warnings from God." There comes a time God lets us go do the bad things we are tempted by. There is no coddling or soft, warm feelings when His heavenly guardians have had enough or, more accurately, exhausted of fighting our battles with the dark ones when we should have known all along. They're here to remind us the veering of our ways do get us into trouble. And we know it every time. 

Inherently, we were created knowing right from wrong, yet we tempt those demonics into thinking they can get a grasp on us. And sadly, they do; through addiction, violence, suicide if we don't stop them soon enough because our birthright Light is and always will be their target. Satan will not go away without a fight after he's set his sights. 

Because of the significant spiritual reset of 2020, enormous Light was delivered to this world, driving the dark forces into great desperate action and here's the good news: Heaven was hugely successful because of the reset. Heaven knew it was coming and was ready for it. So much of the World is vibrating higher; humans' Love Light activated more intensely. God is entering more of peoples' minds more than ever before. More people prayed; more people drew closer to God trying to hear Him during the calamity of this past year, and He needed to release people from the confines of jobs, and schools, and the nature of institutions that had replaced His abilities far too long. His hand had to be firm and strong and all wielding.

His Spirit needed to move great mountains. And He did.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Resurrection Sunday

The Resurrection of Jesus is so great, to feel His push irrepressibly determined today, brings me to tears. The joy, the timing, all the hard work that's been given, that's been expressed, is powerful beyond my ability to hold it. He is greater than me.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Days of Second Coming: Video

This is a message I recorded from Angels in message given to them by Jesus in 2009. With all the power that is arriving and changing our environment daily, divinity is slowly being revealed. God Bless us All, the World over. 

Originally uploaded to my blog on 3/4/2013 to be found here >>>

Sunday, February 23, 2020

For I Know The Plans I Have For You

Not too long ago I received an audio message from God's angels saying, "Nothing can stop this. There's nothing you need to do. It's already been agreed."

That's how powerful and perfect God is.

His plans made well in advance. His orchestration of everything that happens. His hand upon every movement, every person chosen, every lesson learned, HE KNOWS. Every creation on earth is His. Though men and women, whether inventors, scientists, builders, teachers, musicians, artists, plumbers and pilots, as the list goes on and on, it is the Holy Spirit working in them to create what it is they must. The plans they each made with the Lord before being born.

In my situation, it's been more than 10 human years since His angels made themselves aware to me again ~ this time through audio recorded messages ~ but the reality first began at my earliest memory when I was 5 years old and healing in the hospital; healing from an injury inflicted upon me from spiritual attack. And then the appearance of God's mighty angels that stood guard in my hospital room doorway for two days and nights ~ already teaching me, telling me of things to come ~ in God's time. And through the years of continued attacks in that home until I was 12, Mighty Angels were there every night taking me, my spirit, to places of teaching and education to prepare me for my future. I've traveled in the Light and upon the wings of enormous angels brisking through the ethers of time and place. I've met the scientists that are coming, I've been to great and beautiful French hotels, and I've laughed and eaten with wonderful, God spirited people the world over. Some people might call them dreams, but they were much too vivid, much too lingering, much too important. Now that I know the difference between dreams and visions ~ Visions are plans that are on the way.

At times when I have time to cruise through the Internet or social media, reading the smorgasbord of topics I may be drawn to in the moment, I'll browse through varying degrees of opinions, judgments, keyboard know-it-alls, even devout students of the Bible, that somehow seem to have figured God out and I wonder. . . how can anyone even guess? How can anyone even begin to know? Because what I know is that God loves surprises. He is not just 10 steps ahead of a person's journey, He is multiplied years ahead of each one of us. He has the future planned every day we live. He has the exact person He has chosen and anointed that has His dream imbedded inside he or she. They might think it's their dream to be doctors or lawyers or rock stars but they are the ones here to Live the Dream, bringing its creation to life and be known as the one that discovered whatever it is that God wants to be in this world to make it better, to make it fun, to make it ever evolving. And then God allows that gifted child of His to take the credit; to win the awards; to face the public; or to rest and be average in the world because they were above average at another time in their soul life.

When I hear from God's angels It's already been agreed, I KNOW the spiritual powers that went into getting those agreements written into God's Law. The highest of the high that answer to God also govern the universal laws they all helped write. Saints, Apostles and high ranking Angels are God's lawmakers and future planners. Likewise, we are their most precious subjects and souls. We are fought for on a daily basis. There are influencers thrown at us constantly in life whether it's through the Internet, virtual social apps, or waiting for an order at the deli, there is information both useful and harmful. Will we be distracted from our divinity cord to Jesus, muddied up in what our intuition knows? Or will we hold a steady course and preserve that very, very precious connection without the disturbance at all?

It's not easy for some that are desperate for attention, popularity or just to be known as someone other than themselves ~ but then again those are the trappings of distraction, or as His angels' say, demonic interference. And when distraction takes over and someone becomes waylaid from God's Plans then His angels wait; they wait for the choice that was made until that person will see the slightly wrong path they took ~ also known as God's lesson plan. Teaching us is His constant and His angels help Him in His work every step of the way.

So I say, WAIT. Wait to be surprised for what God has planned for you because He has also promised that it will be so much greater than you've ever imagined. But, also do while you're waiting, building your dream, envisioning what you want in this life. That dream was planted in you from Divine Source. It is your birthright to have, hold and nurture HIS blessed dream. Fight off the disturbances and distractions, the negative and downtrodden. Keep moving forward in the Lord's Light even as you toil in something that is difficult to endure every day. As long as you keep God first, He will close that door in time and open the very beautiful and perfect one He has chosen so many years ago for you to truly walk through. It is His promise.
Live, Love & Light Your Own Path

Monday, November 18, 2019

Change Comes With the Lord's Calvary of Angels

Angels delivered that message to me on the first day of November this year. It was a profound reminder that God's power reaches into and through His interceders; that they do and complete all things through and for Him.

Their mightiful warrior attributes; their ability to exist in the invisible realm closest to humanity and their conviction of right and wrong, grants them sweeping capabilities to make change. They are, after all, surrounding each and every one of us, in countless numbers, completing deeds, tasks, dreams and ideas; accomplishments, battles, births and deaths; marriages, connections and just as many disconnections. A calvary that will help facilitate introductions just as willfully as they sever them, cutting cords no longer serving the plan.

Your angels conduct meetings and agreements with the angels of the persons you intend to do business with. They go ahead of you and your meetings just as we know God does. In the hum of unheard whispers and divine documentation, you receive what God has intended for you. Processes and plans you helped create before your birth. Each and every one of us has sat with the Lord and made our plans and angels are the divine corporate doers that triumph ~ even in the heat of opposing forces they conquer and let happen, regardless even sadly, what that outcome may be. Certain angels revolving in your life at certain times in your life, are allowed to only do so much. Their hierarchy gets inserted into your long life many different times you remain human.

Your angels have gone ahead with the angels of surgeons, lawyers, teachers and professors just as sure as they've converged and conspired with angels representing first responders, military armies, voting polls, all to work through the outcome of God's plan. It's all been decided before you even arrived for it is God's will, pre-ordained, that His Calvary of Angels obey and carry out.

Change, is in all things and wholly sanctioned by Jesus and only through Him, the works of Holy Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, and the entire Heavenly hosts of angels and saints create change. Change is their domain and power. Change is fluid and constant. Nothing stays the same ~ for too long.

Great change these days is upon us and it will take the Lord's Calvary of Angels to give it flight; to make it happen. All of us are in the midst of our own mission of C H A N G E, whatever that looks like in your presence.

And if you look at the word CHANGE close enough you'll recognize the playful notion that ANGEL is right there ~ by adding an "L" and removing "CH". Simple enough.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Prayer Brings God's Grace

There aren't that many actions we can take that bring true peace in the form of spiritual serenity. Almost instantaneously as we kneel, our shoulders dropping from the middle of our ears, our neck releasing tension as we begin to envision our connection to our Holy Oneness, in the name of Jesus. That right about the time we say, "Dear God," we are etherealy and instantly beamed to our tethered Father. Connected to that stream of divine light that gives comfort before all else as His embrace reaches us through His invisible realm. It is the pivotal time when fear evaporates, obliterated even, and God's counsel arrives. In that space and solitude we receive Grace, the celestial manna that only God can give as perfect nourishment to every reason why we need Him.

Other symptoms that arrive from prayer are tears. Shame and fear are leaving us too in overwhelming flow. Without those two ingredients, Satan has nothing to hold onto; has nothing else to feed from you. Except desperation. Again through prayer, desperation has no place over your dominion of self. Greed can fester somewhere around desperation, but the more you ask God for release of all the powers that are holding you back, or down, or immobile, or think are important, those dark inconsequences fail. The stronger you behave, the less there is available to provide a grip. Imagine the shreds of clothing slipping through a grasp. There is nothing substantial but tattered rags. Remnants certain to mock the enemy to flee.

It's also important to remember that God KNOWS exactly what you need without asking. Prayer with your Father shrined in gratitude, or concern for others that may need prayer, or strength to keep going until God sees you through, are all that He appreciates. He's got your front and back. I believe His most favorite part of any prayer is that you love Him. You adore without bending what He has planned for you. He is a God that loves to surprise you yet many times that's at the end of a tested trial. One of my favorite quotes that helps during any test is that, "He doesn't bring you to it if He can't bring you through it."

The enemy wallows in keeping the fear in our lives like a rolling animal in filthy dirty mud. Hosting a sinister grin. It enjoys its grip on us of its undoing that it will take credit for. Gleefully. So that we do nothing to help ourselves. Prayer to Jesus breaks that grip. Apology and admission of our wrongdoings, even an admission that includes the word "sin", brings Jesus into the realm that can chase Satan from it. Or in the least, challenge him until he flees, defeated. The power from Jesus is unbeatable and He will stop at nothing to help His divine children succeed.

It's easy to remember that prayers have no rules. There are no special ceremonies, no anointed waters, no ancestral smokes to burn, no crystals or herbs or incantations. Just simply, Dear God . . .