Sunday, May 26, 2019

Creation + Intuition = God's Gifts

What does the Bible say about intuition?

Intuition is a gift from God and when we learn how to develop and strengthen it, intuition can help us steer clear of disastrous decisions, relationships and trappings.

That's why looking for answers from astrology, crystals, oracle cards and even other people's 'advice' will not always strengthen our Father-God-Child connection - they can be crutches that will erode and weaken our divine connection - exactly what Satan would want; to break that connection he was never ordained to have. Each of us has a separate connection to God that can be strengthened in many creative ways only He understands. And remembers for you from your pre-birth agreements.

When intuition is rooted in God’s Word, surrendered to the control of the Holy Spirit, and aligned with God’s wisdom, it can protect us from errors and help keep our feet on the straight path (Proverbs 4:2615:21Isaiah 26:7). As we seek God’s guidance and pray for direction, He says to trust that we have the wisdom we’ve asked for (James 1:5). Heeding our God-given intuition, we move forward in the way that seems wisest, trusting that the Lord is directing our steps (Psalm 37:23). 

For a Christ believer, intuition can be greatly enhanced by the Holy Spirit. He is the fountain of wisdom and understanding. Those who “walk in the Spirit” (Galatians 5:1625) have the privilege of God’s own perspective on many life decisions as He guides us through the way He wants for us. We can fine-tune this ability to hear God by spending time in His presence, in worship, and in meditation. A.W. Tozer, in his classic work The Pursuit of God, writes, “Why do some persons ‘find’ God in a way that others do not? . . . The one vital quality that they all had in common was spiritual receptivity. Something in them was open to heaven, something which urged them Godward.” This spiritual receptivity is the quality that can influence intuition to such an extent that we can walk blamelessly before God (Philippians 2:151 Thessalonians 3:13Job 1:1). We can pray for and literally request MORE spiritual receptivity at any time from Jesus. It will be His judgment whether He aligns with that request and grants you His grace.

I've honed my God-given intuition most of my life through my way of meditating with the Lord. I keep my connection strong with and within Him. Since I've been doing this from the age of 5 years old, I am even playful in my meditations between us. He is my one true father-child relationship. He's made sure that I know what He likes and expects from me. I could only do this because of the narrow path I've lived within. I know that I've been an attractive  light for negative or unwanted invisible attachments. It's astounding to the invitations that I've said NO to: temptations or events where I know the 'crowd' may include energies that don't align to my radiant spirit. I've worked hard to live, to protect, what has developed between God and myself. The power is so transcended that there's no room to include strong influences of others, including the strict confines of the published bible. But do not underestimate the healing power that the written bible contains. Much serenity can be found there that has the ability to strengthen our earthly trespasses.

For me, after the repair that I have gone through, I remember that God's Bible is also manifesting therefore being created in real time; carried about in the world around me, literally in the air. I know He and His Angels stand exactly beside and behind me; that He goes before me in all things He has planned for me. Together that supernatural essence acts like divine field blockers to get me, the ball, through to the end zone. These are constant powers available to all of us. When we turn completely with our hearts from any dark force that pricks our instinct, and we ask for God's help, His powerful Light swoops in from above and begins the spiritual quest to our favor. God's Angels free us from everything we pray for release from - as long as we are true in our prayer. He has reminded me of that every day by what He proves me. His bible is wild and free, with endless lessons, knowledge and unchained boldness. His unshackled, living bible contains everything important to keep a soul safe from the hounds of hell. His is what we can trust for it is the truth that resonates with the intuition He gave us. We can speak together in that place where we hold His hands, laughing, learning, or crying, sharing in that space where our souls call home. And when something dark comes to pester our spiritual peace, you can be strong enough to sense it and ask for spiritual help sooner than the last time.

I researched Bible passages I've cited here. Jesus/God never led me to daily bible study, for His wisdom, love and lessons He's given me in my lifetime. He was always there when I spoke to Him in nature, on my way to school, while I drive, when I do something as His hands and feet, when I'm mindful of speech and thought and care. He works through me. Even times when I must be strong with my words and conviction through others' poor and hurtful treatment of me, He is happy that my strength protects me as He does. Although I've read the published Bible cover to cover more than once in my life, I know that Jesus lives outside those pages; that God is ever evolving outside the stories of a bound tome. All present and future creation would stop if God stopped within the confines of what is strictly relied upon in the bible. 
  • “One important point many fail to understand is that the bible was never meant to replace God; rather, it was meant to lead us into the heart of God. Too many Christians stop with the text and never go on to experience the presence of God.” – The Crucified Life, A.W. Tozer
It's important for us all to truly know God. That we know He works in excellent modern times, creating inventions to help humanity, introduce bold new artists, wild explorers, brilliant technology, incredible entertainment, important medical discoveries, startling wisdom and clever lexicons. God knows how to have fun with His children and that they embrace the gifts He has given them. I KNOW nothing gets created without GOD. NOTHING. Just as new miracle stories will not be found in old and new traditional bibles, it's up to us to be the speaking and documenting Bible of the new that is coming -- the only purpose for which I've created this blog.

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