Friday, April 22, 2016

The 40th Day ~ And ~ Night

Angels had said to me, "Whenever you feel scared or unsure while we wait, just grab the Hands of Jesus and He will soothe you. He will be there. He will comfort you."

It was something I had done since before I was born and continued to do during my meditational visits with Jesus.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed as I single-handedly carry this gift, I put myself directly in His presence and grab his hands tightly. It's very powerful and for me it works. I can hold His hands in mine and give Him every thought I am having. He comforts me always with a smile. He is so proud that He fills me with pride. It's all very immediate.

We have recently finished our 40th Day and Night of waiting. Now I rest. Soon God's promises will be provided and all of Heaven's dreams will come true. It Is GOD that wants His Angels heard and no one is more excited than Jesus.

Love Happy, Joy & Bliss
Mia & God's Angels