Friday, July 31, 2015

Angels and Saints, and Jesus is Coming

This Morning's Message
6:15 EST

  • Everyday you're getting something new from Heaven
  • God's Angels are almost ready to speak to the people
  • We called Saint Mary ~ Called Saint Mary down
  • Mary comes down because Satan won't stop ~ He knows you're getting God's Light
  • The Angels are sorry the Light is showing you
  • They know that you're obeying God
  • Satan is very angry
  • Satan is going to have to take it up with God
  • Jesus Christ says go ahead and type it ~ You're protected by His Angels
  • Several people have gifts assigned by Heaven that read what you write
  • And you will give the Angels props
  • You have to watch who's speaking
  • Satan angels only lie ~ God is now making orders ~ God is now talking through
  • The sound that Mia has is from God
  • When He lights up the sky it's His spirit and His spirit is coming
  • The Lord Jesus is coming ~ He's coming to change the world and these Angels come from God
  • We have prayers of your lives ~ Your Father is the Holy Spirit and your lives are about to change
  • I have been speaking to Mia her whole life
  • Saint Thomas is Mia's little brother ~ He's coming down with Daniel and they're gonna protect her ~ They're coming to fight the demons
  • Angels sing in chorus Angels know that Maryann gave her whole life to God. A single light came to her and Angel Michael protects her from the Lord's order
  • God is coming soon ~ Mary's got Angel Gabriel
  • Angel Michael is fighting and the sound we make is THE ANGELS
  • We lift demons right from hair
  • Jesus is coming ~ We are His Angels, it's coming true, its actualization. Jesus is coming