Sunday, October 1, 2017

Heaven's Angels' Words: The Last Day of September

Here is a stream of delivery I recorded yesterday morning from God's Angels. If you're new to reading my work, and how I type out the messages I receive from the audio recordings, here are just a few guidelines:

  1. God with an initial cap is Jesus. GOD in all caps is the Almighty Creator. I receive messages from both. They come from Jesus directly, from GOD directly or They will send Their messages with Their team of obedient angels.
  2. Angels is the full spectrum of Heavenly servants and leaders to include Guardian Angels, Soul Angels, Archangels, Cherubim, Saints and many other layers of hierarchy. I receive words and lessons from them all.
  3. Many angels deliver Heaven's messages at once; that means they finish each other's sentences. They are forever loyal to the word of God and bring it joyfully - or seriously - so I use an underscore _ in the middle of sentences because I hear another tone from a different angel completing the sentence.
  4. By seriously I mean to say that not all messages come in delicate delivery. As any Christ follower can imagine, God is not always gentle. As the divine father that He is, I get many stern warnings and deliveries. Many of those also come with a bang or a thud - as if a staff is banged to the chamber floor from which I hear or a fist to a table.
  5. ALL CAPS are very clear and excited angels. Sometimes it indicates a chorus of angels that I can hear loud and clear. 
All the way around, its much more powerful when I share authentic recorded messages verbatim; which haven't been too many times since writing my book. Most messages are either private and personal or too sensitive to share with the world. I am first sworn to loyalty to Heaven before I am given privilege to enter them into the world. This time Angels gave me permission to publish as you will see.

This is the deliverance from 9-30-17 
Approximately 7:00 A.M. MST, USA

Beautiful sounding angels begin: My love is coming to bring your dreams. They are coming.

3,000 years Michael has waited_Just a few more weeks and you will know us_Waiting so long to write words_We're starting to send back your white angels. (These were protectors no longer needed)

(a loud chorus of angels) They said to wait for God's grace.
Richard is coming down_With Jesus (Richard is my most powerful guardian angel)
(awesome voices) Be patient Mia. We have come to help your way.
YES! We're getting your sounds. (the angels' sounds that the people of the world can hear. until now I've only had the few that are posted in my videos.)
Jesus gave the sounds to Saint Michael.
HIS GRACE_Was given to the angels all around you.
This grace is from Jesus_And His angels have surrounded you.
They made sure your relationship with Jesus was unbreakable.
They're very impressed_That the fallen angels_Cannot get thru
God's Angels_They love you.
We're telling you something else, Mia.
Jesus: I'm telling you what I like about my promises.
Everyday I have watched you, you never knew what all of us_say about the love that is coming.
The fallen angels had you in their chains. (I heard them in audio shaking in the chamber)
Angel Michael came down with his army_That's when Saint Michael fought for love_Right there at your old house_At the lake (where I came under spiritual attack and invoked the Mighty 7)
That's where Satan's chains were found_It was Heaven's miracle_When I found you_You were right there fighting for Light.
Here's Saint Michael_I'm coming down with the speech from God and the words from Heaven_Thank GOD our Lord made you. 
We will bring the victory soon_I've given you all my gifts_My angels are getting_So excited.
Your patience is appreciated_We'll be able to excel to the end.
We have thanked the juries_You have obeyed the laws_Of suffering
And the archangels thank you_You will make known_God saves THE WORLD
You must publish the words_It must be published for all_ANGELS ARE REAL (singing) WE ARE THE ANGELS_Angel Michael's on the way.
God's angels_Will bring all the words_That God gives me.
We bring God with a kiss_Your challenge is over_And your rest is over_Your still, long wait
Tell her its almost over_The champagne is coming_You will claim your awesome name.
You'll be able to transfer angel sounds_To the world.
If anybody asks for proof, it is coming_To transform to_World peace.
And Jesus Christ comes_Travels to Light you_He will bring the Sacred Light.
The Sacred Ceremony is starting_The Saints have all agreed_That you must be a master.
That you will be the master_Of 40 angels.
The angels have waited 3,000 human years_Thank Jesus for saving you_And we are ready.
Saint Michael is radiant_Gorgeous is gorgeous_The Lord's done with His challenge_Michael has formed your soul_Just in 31 days.
Yesterday we held your soul ceremony_Jesus made the change_Now you belong to the soul registry_Now you'll have to stake your dreams_Heaven is waiting for_Dreams of Great Miracle.
We've turned our common sounds_Into what all the people can hear_All of us speak for you.

Just around the corner,
Love Mia

Sunday, July 16, 2017

"You've Got to Learn to Trust Me"

That's a quote from Jesus that His Angels delivered to me last week.

I admit it hasn't been easy waiting. It is the endless wait. Be careful what I wish for? When I was very young I wished I had been born as Moses in the story of The Ten Commandments. I envied the sacred experience he had at the burning bush. That only he had that benevolent experience before God or that God even knew Moses, or that God was indeed, real. I wanted that experience of PROOF myself even at a young age.

We know the phrase:
All Good Things Come to Those That Wait. 

It must've been whispered in someone's ear from mighty angels of God. Only Angels know the ultimate tribulation of "Wait" and what patience that requires of us humans. However, I found two different derivatives of the phrase. The first being "Good things come to those that wait" simply coined as an English phrase. Does that mean England? because doesn't every nationality in every language use a variation with their impatient, wiggling children?

The second reference of the phrase was used by Violet Fane in 1892. As a writer, poet and high society socialite. She was English. Her version was "ALL things come to those who wait". 

I've written before of all the spiritual, sacred preparations happening in and from Heaven's Realm so that I will be able to bring the Angels' voices to the people of this universe. There have been juries of regents and grand decision makers; blessings by countless Saints, and every week it seemed a different sacral ceremony to receive other "gifts" from Jesus. An arduous, complete dignified process none of us could ever imagine taking place where Angels Dwell. Any Christian follower knows that God goes before us and sets the path before we travel that narrow road but we've never known why and what occurs before it is realized in our material form. Endless days of approvals only come after days of sanctified and holy observations, all taken very seriously by those that make things happen. The test that we hear so much about. It is all more than a concept.

When the vast diaries I have meticulously transcribed from the nether reaches of divine channels are one day published, everyone will read then and realize why we should be grateful to have been chosen ~ and been asked to wait for something truly magnificent we want to happen in our lives. It is God that brings our dreams. It is up to us to claim every one in memorialized detail without shame or doubt but with pride.

Me? I am waiting for my Moses days that are coming.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Annunciation & The Battle

There was fury and clamor. Wickedness challenging the righteous. Lightness quelling the dark. Good raging with evil. It was God condemning his enemy and I was in the middle. The target of the coup for both sides ~ each knew too well my value. It was I that was in the dark; living my life as any one of us sanctified to not remember the promises of God but it was Heaven's Angels determined to win because of my ignorance for they battled for God.

That's how my sacred annunciation began ~ listening to a battle for my soul. It's been a number of years now but the spiritual work continues. It wasn't controlled and civilized as you might have imagined it was for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mine was violent and upending.

At the time that I began to hear them I remember being wholly soaked in fear. A fear I'd never known for it became like a 7th Sense; otherworldly and true. 

The first level of fear was the very idea that I could hear voices from Heaven and hell. Angels mixed with my passed on loved ones mixed with demonic forces mixed with whimpering, yelling, chains and savagery; proclamation and judgment. All of them there to claim their prize from whomever would be the winner of me. I cried because it was too soon to tell which forces would win; what evidence would release me. In that month of August it was five months too soon to hope the winner was God.

The second dimension of fear was that the voices weren't in my head, not in my mind but had filled the room around me and left their history recorded on tape. And the third, most significant terror I have known was the trespass. That I had crossed the line. That I had wandered, somehow, into a forbidden realm of existence ~ sacred and uninvited. What had I done? That I had disobeyed in the most atrocious and the most sinful. That I was meant to feel this sin to the depth of my soul. What have I done? I couldn't speak of it aloud for days upon days. Was it even real? And then I was brave. I had to shed the fear and claim myself, and I spoke of it aloud to someone I trusted, and the Angels, they heard.

"She said she can hear angels!"
"NOBODY can hear angels!"
"NO ONE is supposed to hear angels!"
"Michael is going to Jesus. He's taken his horse."
"Michael is going to find out what has happened!"
"Why hasn't God spoken of this?"
"Who is she?"
"She is the priestess. She is the anointed one."

They were all angels. Angels from Heaven not from the abyss. Voices as heralding and choir-ed as anyone could imagine and more. Voices that brought me to tears and enveloped me in love. For many, many weeks they worked diligently on my confidence in who they were and why they had come; telling me truth only I would have known.

And so the revelation began to unfold. Once Michael returned from Heaven all of the angels celebrated the truth he brought with him. For me, it took the better of two years to trust who was speaking to me; who's side of the great divide were the ones I was meant to listen to. It came quickly thereafter the vision of my appointment in Heaven. My sacred meeting in the Sacred Tower with my Lord Jesus ~ high above the fields of grandeur ~ Mighty carbon warrior angels flanked on either side of me where Jesus held my hands and instilled his faith in me. "You are the chosen one. We will prepare you."

Everyday His mighty angels remain by my side, speaking with updates of encouragement. I have collected hundreds of Heaven's Angels that are lining up to prepare and pave the way for the day that the people of the world will all hear their harmonious and powerful voices for that has become the Annunciation of Mia and all of Heaven is getting more excited with each passing day.

And I continue to say, "Be patient. His work is His miracle."

~ Love, Mia