Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Believe in Miracles: An Archangels Video

This is My Miracle.
This is what I've been called to do.
To audio record messages from God's Angels and share them with You.
Oh, and tell the story of how this came to be.

Enjoy the Love, Angels & Mia

On any of my videos you will hear the Angels with more clarity by
using headphones ~ any kind will hone you closer into them
for a Mighty Almighty Experience!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Make A Miracle Happen

When I look at the stats for my blog, phrases with the word "Miracle" appear to be a common search trigger word. This makes me think that people are searching for a miracle to occur in their lives. Do we ever outgrow the need to pray for one?

I understand this human need all too well. I needed a miracle myself. In 2009. But that year was not the first time I needed a divine gift of salvation. That is after all what a miracle is. The asking for grace or mercy or relief from the burden currently challenging us; the trauma in our lives; the very unmentionable, incomprehensible test we could ever know that must be dealt with that peaks just before the miracle is granted. I can speak about this to some degree. "This" being the miracle and how it takes place; how it occurs.

Salvation in the dictionary is defined as: the act of saving or protecting from harm, risk, loss, destruction, etc.

First of all, a miracle does not always have the outcome we prayed for. By its very definition of what a miracle is, as the mercy of the hand of God, we cannot see where His hand has pointed to on our path, further down the road. A miracle does not happen in a vacuum. There is the effect that hinges with the cause. Therefore, the miracle must fit with the road we were meant to take in the first place. Maybe this explanation will help someone realize the true meaning in an effort to alleviate disappointment should the miracle prayed for does not come about in the way they needed or wanted.

Probably the number one miracle people pray for is relief from sickness but everything we do has lessons attached to it. If your loved one is bedridden with a debilitating illness and everyone around is praying for a miracle, the chances for that miracle being granted is always 50/50 regardless of what the doctors say or do or use to help cure because it is not doctors that grant miracles, it is God. And it is always up to God whether He takes your loved one home now or whether that loved one has unfinished business here in the earth realm. The best you can do for yourself is accept the hand of fate as God delivers it, even as we cry from the loss or the gift. I too have had to accept God's will with my own loss of my dear brother.

These days I know many prayers for miracles have to do with finding work or keeping our cars and homes. These too I prayed for yet did not come. Not the job so I lost the beloved house in the lakeside community I cherished endlessly and the vehicle I almost had paid for free and clear. All material things fell to the side and then the message became evident after "suffering" the loss I tried so hard to keep but could no longer sustain without money. The miracle I'm living is that I'm living with less and living rewarded without the worry of debt.

That's been the lesson worldwide. The banking collapse revealed the gluttony of society all the while society was praying for a simpler life. The hand of mercy reached down and gave back sanity to our society that needed it most. During this fragile transitional time, other things will fall away but miracles will also be granted; miracles that were not prayed for.

More and more self sufficiency will blossom from the wreckage of failed mortgages and expensive cars. More important lifestyles will be realized as soon as families see what's truly important. That old saying actions speak louder than words will now be found in these days of less as fathers and mothers survive the scary moments of "things" falling away. It's not so bad after all when you think of the big picture if you have your health and stamina and able to set a new goal without the dependency of an employer that holds your fate in its hands.

That's a miracle.

But I urge you when praying for a miracle to please include the Invocation for the Archangels to speed your requests to Heaven. Their abilities to influence victory plays an important role in your petitions for mercy. Certain challenges only they can conquer will cut the binds that hold or condemn your spirit. There are always unseen forces at play in the invisible realm and the Archangels are God's appointed sentries that protect that realm. Call THEM ~ They will love it!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Archangels Helping in Spiritual Trouble

Spiritual trouble can mean many different things ~ to you, to me, to Christian zealots and to the Archangels. This post is just from the point of voice of the Archangels since they tell me all the time they can't hold a pen or type on a keyboard but you'll be amazed at how they push my fingers along these keys to get their messages out to you like they are now. Sometimes they can move my fingers really fast as if I were taking an old fashioned typing test but that's for another day. Today is about them and how they help in spiritual trouble.

Their classification of Spiritual Trouble is: Any Person who is in Need of Any Thing

Need for medical remedy from illness, need to battle addiction demons (drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, food, no food, "cutting", smoking, hoarding, shopping), needing help finding the OTP (One True Path) again because we all started on it, needing help bringing more abundance and prosperity into our lives, seeking the path from poverty, and/or needing help in being shown the destiny one was meant to have. It can be that negative resolution or positive thing we can't attain.

You see, the Archangels are wholly underestimated. People do not think of them at all in the equation of their day which is part of what I touched on yesterday. Angels are here. Right here among us. So close we walk through them every second we take a step. They sit on our chairs, on our countertops, in the passenger seats of our vehicles. They hover outside our shower curtains (don't think creepy, if you slip they help you and if they don't its because you were meant to end up in the hospital.) Archangels and our Guardians put ideas into our heads and take ourselves where they want us to go.

You think it's your bright idea to open up a <blank-blank-blank> shop or sign up for that comedy class (like I did) or go on that vacation? Partly. You have to use your money, your steam, your fingers on the phone to make reservations or go online to type in the research but the seed essence is all planted and grown by Angels. Why? Because we all have the Angel Essence within us. They are connected to us no matter what.

And then the others come along and create havoc; create confusion; tempt us with vices that aren't any good to our forward growth and only meant to harm the bodies we're entrusted to cherish while we're on this realm but those other times, when illness finds us and we haven't tempted the ugly evil dastardlies, that's part of the pre-birth contract we made. Whether it was to help science and medicine evolve or if the illness was to play a different spiritual role that would connect us to a certain someone that we were supposed to be working with next or all along, because everything we do has synchronicity blood flowing through it, the burden of that pre-birth contract to carry now can certainly bring spiritual trouble. That kind wears on our faith and stamina and creates questions of God and suffering. Angels help answer all of those questions.

When I say Angels, collectively they include your Guardians and Archangels but it's the human freewill that must begin to acknowledge the power of the Archangels to bring them on board of your boat sailing through the seas of spiritual waves. Your voice is meant to harken and call the Archangels clearly and loudly to bring them forth in times of need. Then all of those Angels can get to work to bring relief, clarity, visions and dreams for healings to take place. Yet sometimes those healings are simply the acceptance of your fate but at least you'll be able to enjoy your life more fully knowing that you did all you could to either accept and/or change the path of fate you thought you could not overcome.

Healings is a Universal term that can include physical, emotional, mystical, spiritual, educational or financial relief or resolution. To dream of someday owning your own store or business and then receiving visions and introductions along the way are true healings. Angels want nothing more than to help you become the person you were meant to be. It's all about fulfilling your promised destiny. You are never meant to fail but know that you sometimes cannot do it alone and through visions Angels are showing you who you are, what you're about to be-come. Yes, be-come.

Myself for instance. I was told not that long ago during one of my personal Angel recording sessions that Angels told me they gave me certain challenges on purpose in bringing this proof, this gift to the world. At some point in my Akashic record of my pre-birth contract I agreed to this. Maybe I knew I could handle the challenge; that my life had been too easy in a previous lifetime but either I requested it or God did and either way, I accept that predetermination and now I can work peacefully to keep my anxiety from shooting through the roof which sometimes overwhelms me. I'm a goal setter and am used to having goals met so to wait now on God and Angels to bring all the puzzle pieces together is giving me a squirm. But I will get through it because I know the beauty of the love that's awaiting the timing of completion.

If you find yourself trying and trying to make something work out for you, something really important for your growth, your creativity, your senses and your soul, good! Just take it one step further and call upon the Archangels to push you over the hump. Though I have challenges in place, they have brought me leaps and bounds from where I was just a year ago.

To call them, please visit my Brothers in Arms page on my website. There isn't any Spiritual Trouble they can't help with. And if you think one of the Mighty 7 may not be right for your particular need, ask them to bring you the powerful Archangel that can. They know them all, they will be happy to call their Brethren.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Are Archangels a Company?

It happened again yesterday. Someone said to me, "I don't know Archangels. Where are they located?"

I'm used to it now. My eyes don't roll in weird directions any more but people have said this to me time and again as if The Archangels is a company or a building somewhere. The first time it happened I couldn't help laughing. I thought it was a joke I was supposed to get until I looked over to the person who asked and saw how serious he was.

It was casual conversation. He asked, "What do you do?"
I replied, "What do you mean?"
"You know, for work."
"Oh," I said. "I thought you knew. I work full time with the Archangels."

He begins to nod as if remembering who I am. I know this person goes to church. In fact, we were standing right outside church doors after an event so as I watched him nodding I thought he was getting it. I thought everyone there knew my work so I expected a totally different next question from what he said.

"I don't know what they do," he replied. "Are they a company? You know, with offices?"

I was like, wow, though scrambled to gather a response in less than 30 seconds. He's a very nice person after all, but it was my first time posed with that response. The first of many to come so I would learn.
Respectfully yet joyously I replied, "Yea. They're a company. You know, for Heaven."

And I swear I saw the lightbulb illuminate over his innocent head. Diinng!

From that day to as recent as yesterday, this is the work that I have, that the Archangels and I have, before us to change or influence perspectives. More people should be embracing and speaking more openly about these Miraculous Beings. Archangels and Angels should be part of everyday conversation like in meeting a freind for dinner or in real offices with cubicles.

Imagine this:

CoWorkers come in the morning, drop their items at their cubicle space, flip on their computers and head to the coffee pantry for morning brew. Others are there. Talking about their commute, the weather, the reality show or game on TV last night, and angels.

"So hey," one could say. "How was your drive in to work this morning? Mine was brilliant. For the first time in weeks the school buses were behind me! My angels kept me moving right out the door today."

CoWorker could reply, "Oh man, yea I hear ya. My angels made me late on purpose this morning and man was that great. I saw the long line of draw bridge traffic and turned right instead of getting sucked into it which also worked out because on the other side of the bridge was this huge accident that kept all those people later. I would have totally missed my conference call this morning."

Ahh, I say. The work awaits me . . . us. And yes, the Archangels are a company. A Company of Heroes.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Why did I DO THAT??

We've all asked that same question of ourselves at least a dozen times in this life. Whether it was in hindsight to being in the wrong place at the wrong time or being involved with the wrong person in the wrong time. Or maybe in the right place at the right time and with the right people with us. Here's the secret: Everyone comes into our life in the here and now for A Reason, A Season, or A Lifetime ~ just as everything that happens to us or where we go. If you reflect on relationships and experiences you've ever had you will see one of those categories they fall into. I don't encourage labels but some things just make sense from personal observation

That also means that steps along the way were not ever about the wrong place or involving the wrong person. Essentially nothing we've done has been for the wrong. Our whole lives have been mapped out for us before coming into the Earth realm. The angels working with me have reinforced these intuitions I was blessed to be born with. From the job choices we make to the next animal we bring into our lives, to even the hardships that occur, each and every step is part of the divine plan.

For almost every step along my path I questioned why I was doing it but did it anyway because I knew the lesson would reveal itself. Of course, my limitations were always within legal limits so I wasn't ever expecting jail but we take our steps for reasons.

I'm excited to share with you a video interview from a highly regarded Soul Contract Consultant, Danielle MacKinnon as she explains how certain contracts and vows remain with us lesson after lesson after lesson until we recognize and work to start healing them. This resonates strongly with my own work incorporating the Angels and their messages that I bring to my group sessions. Everything we manifest spiritually is tied together and what we can learn utilizing the importance of the Akashic Records will ease those healings in this lifetime.


I hope you find Ms. MacKinnon's interview fascinating, informative and fully of Spirit. If you have any questions on these topics, please feel free to email me or comment here. Angels will be happy to respond and I will be happy to type for them.

Angels Abound!

Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Archangels Work Wonders

Yes they do. Absolutely! I know first hand the wonders they bring, the wonders they leave behind. I am a changed woman because of the wonders they bestowed upon me.

I was nearly broken and didn't realize it. I had taken my spiritual walk with God for granted in some small way to me that was huge to Him. I walked this earth realm with the attitude that what came my way I was supposed to "be in it" as a kind of blaize' faire approach but something was wrong with that thought pattern. Just enough off skew needled and nudged me. I felt it. I knew I hadn't tapped into my highest potential. I was even waiting for it, passive mode. Little did I know that I had the catalyst around me the whole time. It just took that one ultimate fear to ignite the flame.

Fear does many wonderful things for us believe it or not. When we are in fear quick action is required. It sprouts as powerful as an erupting volcano with only one agenda: To protect, to assert. Whether it's for our life, our family, our home, or our soul, we valiantly ascend. Immediately. For me it was grabbing my laptop while I ran in terror to the backyard googling "How to call all the Archangels" ~ Little did I know there were 7 of them at the core of transformation; far more remote did I realize this Mighty 7 travel together to work their wonders like no other tribe you can imagine; and yet more astounding I had zero relationship acknowledged to the Archangels before that fateful day. I cannot imagine living the rest of my life without them.

What Archangels do for you in the preternatural realm is unremarkable. The only trick is that you have to call them. Oh sure, your Guardian Angel(s) can appeal to them on your behalf if they feel you may be teetering into trouble but for fully realized wonders to take place you must call the Archangels or ask your Guardian Angels to hail them. Then is when you will experience healings and redemption and joy and transformation like never before. Heck, you may even experience miracles.

If you would like to call the Archangels into your life for blessings, healings, direction from confusion and any other transformation you have thought about making, visit my Angels Dwell website for instructions on how to do so. I have a micro image on the right side of my blog here with an embedded link that will take you there, or start with the invocation tab right here, Brothers in Arms for immediate ascension to Archangels' awe-tastic instructions. Please drop me an email to let me know the changes taking place in your life.

Only good comes when the Archangels discover you. Go ahead, call them. They're waiting to guide you.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

5 Stars

Reviews are starting to come in for my book on Amazon. 5 Stars kicks off the juggernaut. Yay! The Angels are jumping up around me. It's happening, Angels are saying. We're getting noticed.

Angels' greatest desire.

A link to my dear Spirit Friend, Susanna to her Blog: www.lifesachangingorg.blogspot.com

What? Really?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked at my live presentations where I bring the Voices of the Angels for people to hear them is: How are you sure these are not ghosts or other spirits speaking?

Because I studied the voices of ghosts for a number of years before the phenomenon changed for me. I had a test model before the miracle.

Trust me. I'm a born skeptic. I question all kinds of things but thankfully I'm also a born truth seeker. If there's something scientific or environmental that I can discover the reasonable explanation on my own, I will set out to do it. I did it with fossils, I did it with 4-wheelin' banking, and many other quizzical oddities I've wondered about. I have found resolutions to big questions that have satisfied my need to question any further. I did it with ghosts and the phenomenal ability to hear them.

But here's the thing about ghosts . . .

They do not have the energy to speak for more than 5 or 6 words, tops. That's it. Normally their sentence length is 1 to 3 words max. This is in terms of recordable words. Audio recordable speaking like you and I do, not what psychics can hear. And not all psychic mediums are hearing full sentences either so they know what's a true spirit and what may be environmental vibration or outside interference.

Just as a medium can distinguish the supernatural from the tangible, so can I. Angels do not speak with an energy surge of limited words. No. They speak for hours. Any one of my sound files has entire minutes of non-stop speaking. Angels speaking, Mary speaking and the occasional visit from Jesus and a profound emergence from God once or twice. Though they finish sentences for each other, their message is constant. No ghost or lingering spirit in the paranormal realm has that capability. Ever.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Go Ahead, Ask ...

. . . Ask them anything.

Angels love Q&A's!! Oh My God, how they love questions!

You see, no one has really truly busted through the Sacred Veil like I have. Oh sure, there are plenty of Angel Sensitives around us: Ascended Masters, Light Shiners and Do-Gooders the Wide World Over but Angels have taught me, shown me and I've now accepted that what I have, no one else has. Right now. (I'll save that explanation for another post) And I know I'm humble about it but I'm being nudged to shout it to the skies that Jesus has touched me and given me a miracle. Everyone has to know.

It took a lot to get me here. To get me convinced. Even God had to step forward, 'cause He knows how I am about sacred messages, so much so He was forced to speak in that booming thunder only He can do, right into my recorder He did, loud and clear He definitely convicted that what I was hearing, was true.

But that truth of hearing angels is kind of old news in relation to what the Angels want me to write now. Now they want to talk about how this miracle has affected them, in their realm.

They want you to believe, to know in your hearts this has never happened before and they are ecstatic. They have been a-jumpin' in giddiness since the year 2009 came to an end.

No one has ever heard Angels! they shrieked.

I imagine them nodding like the Munchkins did to each other in Oz when Dorothy arrived. She's really here
is like She can really hear us.

And angels, upon angels, upon angels have stepped forward to see me; to meet me, ever since. Me, the one that got through to their realm. So much disbelief even for them, that Archangel Michael had to have a meeting with God, for confirmation, for God had never spoke of this event before it came to be. God surprised even the angels that this was going to happen some day.

Now that it has, they want to talk. Talk, talk and talk. They want to speak and answer questions and share all that they know and all that you have questions about. This has been very joyful and fun for them the times we've gone to conduct Q&A sessions. They chatter about in answering your deepest queries of the Realm of Heaven. They finish each other's sentences. They speak in tandem and solely. It's heightened, effervescent energy at its purest and its time consuming for me because 5 minutes of their time turns into 8 to 10 hours of my time, analyzing their immaculate playback. But it's all worth it. Of course they answer.

To sense, to feel and to hear their unrestrained happiness that the veil has thinned to allow them into our world touches me in ways you can't imagine.

I am amazingly more proud to be their confidante as the days we spend together take us one step closer to changing one more life to believing their existence is real. Please take the time to to explore the tabs above to hear for yourself.