Sunday, June 9, 2019

Prayer Brings God's Grace

There aren't that many actions we can take that bring true peace in the form of spiritual serenity. Almost instantaneously as we kneel, our shoulders dropping from the middle of our ears, our neck releasing tension as we begin to envision our connection to our Holy Oneness, in the name of Jesus. That right about the time we say, "Dear God," we are etherealy and instantly beamed to our tethered Father. Connected to that stream of divine light that gives comfort before all else as His embrace reaches us through His invisible realm. It is the pivotal time when fear evaporates, obliterated even, and God's counsel arrives. In that space and solitude we receive Grace, the celestial manna that only God can give as perfect nourishment to every reason why we need Him.

Other symptoms that arrive from prayer are tears. Shame and fear are leaving us too in overwhelming flow. Without those two ingredients, Satan has nothing to hold onto; has nothing else to feed from you. Except desperation. Again through prayer, desperation has no place over your dominion of self. Greed can fester somewhere around desperation, but the more you ask God for release of all the powers that are holding you back, or down, or immobile, or think are important, those dark inconsequences fail. The stronger you behave, the less there is available to provide a grip. Imagine the shreds of clothing slipping through a grasp. There is nothing substantial but tattered rags. Remnants certain to mock the enemy to flee.

It's also important to remember that God KNOWS exactly what you need without asking. Prayer with your Father shrined in gratitude, or concern for others that may need prayer, or strength to keep going until God sees you through, are all that He appreciates. He's got your front and back. I believe His most favorite part of any prayer is that you love Him. You adore without bending what He has planned for you. He is a God that loves to surprise you yet many times that's at the end of a tested trial. One of my favorite quotes that helps during any test is that, "He doesn't bring you to it if He can't bring you through it."

The enemy wallows in keeping the fear in our lives like a rolling animal in filthy dirty mud. Hosting a sinister grin. It enjoys its grip on us of its undoing that it will take credit for. Gleefully. So that we do nothing to help ourselves. Prayer to Jesus breaks that grip. Apology and admission of our wrongdoings, even an admission that includes the word "sin", brings Jesus into the realm that can chase Satan from it. Or in the least, challenge him until he flees, defeated. The power from Jesus is unbeatable and He will stop at nothing to help His divine children succeed.

It's easy to remember that prayers have no rules. There are no special ceremonies, no anointed waters, no ancestral smokes to burn, no crystals or herbs or incantations. Just simply, Dear God . . .

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