Friday, June 29, 2012

Archangel Audio Recordings

Did a FAB-a-lus new Archangel recording yesterday. Woo-hoot! Still working through the messages to put together the next "movie" ~ an angel term they use instead of video. LOL

Stay tuned. With the 4th of July holiday days looming on the East Coast, which basically shuts down for the week, I hope to have a new creation posted in between beach visits.

Angels Abound!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Archangel Voices & Recordings

It's been almost a month since I've posted the latest Archangel voice video. The voices of the angels have reached hundreds of visitors from my United States to around the world in less than 30 days. It's really why the Angels love the Cluster Map I have on this blog ~ so we can all realize the impact we're making as we share this amazing miracle.

If you can imagine for a moment the excitement expressed by the Angels ~ that their miracle is being heard, you would weep in the grace of their wonder. They fill my ears with high, low, and mid-pitched cheering. They jump up and down and wiggle about like a little 4 year-old's birthday party. And when I turn on my voice recorder to check in with them, to confirm that this work still meets their approval, and God's, they fill my ears with loving, supportive words that assure me how proud they are; how my ancestoral family feels about the miracle being heard, reaching so many internationals.

I'd like to explain a little about my work and how you're hearing only certain sound bites from the Archangels in the videos we make. I try to select the clearest and loudest angel fragments of sentences most people would hear, or should be able to hear. However, the angels do not speak nor record to me in fragmented sound bites. They fill every second of any duration of time I spend with them with my recorder in many, many entire sentences. I hear all the subtle levels of words angels express because they've activated and elevated my frequency pattern that allows me to hear most every single word, most every single angel that speaks, on all frequency levels they record on. Believe me, they get so excited when I spend recording time with them, they clamour vocally around for their one message to be heard. You would not be able to hear all the nuances they ramble on without the proper headphones, or you may not be able to at all if something is blocking your ability to activate your auditory ascension. That's why I choose the strongest bits of Archangel communication I can isolate for the ideal benefit for the most people.

What I simply do is ask the Archangels to speak louder if they want people to hear them. And to speak the message they want people to know. This is all devised through the Hand of God so that is my intention ~ one more step toward fulfilling my Akashic promise as directly commissioned from Lord God, Jesus, both Marys and the mighty forces of Heaven's Angels to have happen.

Scroll down below for the video I had posted here in first position. And stay tuned for the next recording & video! Angels Abound!!

Much Love, Mia & the Archangels