Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Archangels Wild & Raw

Since the beginning of my time as a child being nurtured & raised by Heaven's Archangels,
they've continued to remind me this day would come ~ that their voices would be heard,
clear & true. Though this recording is far from refined, I don't ever alter their work,
or their words, it's important to mention my home does not "echo" like a grand hall or church
cathedral that you'll hear in this recording. This is the Sound of Jesus' Kingdom that Angels bring
with them . . . Their proof of their otherworldly connection to the Divine Realm where they reside.

This wild & raw recording is its own Miracle that I leave for you, to hear it your way.
I'm honored and proud to be His Messenger & that His Angels share this with you, through me.

Music: On The Water
Composed by: Jim Klein & Scott P. Schreer

There is much love coming,
Mia & Heaven's Angels