About Me

I came into this world with my God connection intact ~ mentioned by His Angels as the 7th Clairsense ~ The sacred & magical ability to hear from Heaven, its entire body of hosts, intuitively, directly and now, for others to hear. 

By the profound circumstance of needing special protection in my life, I invoked the Lord's Mighty Archangels, where they led me from the shade of an ordinary life into the brilliant divine light of an extraordinary one.

I have been gifted as the leading expert in Angel Communication through their audio recorded messages. We are on a united divine mission blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ to bring the Voices of His Angels into the world to help heal our people, our planet and provide hope for those that have lost faith. Rejoice! He is here.

God's Message given to His Angels ~ They delivered to me:

All people will hear us. It's all according to plan. You'll bring us to people. That the Angels come from the Lord. You were the angel God chose. 'Cause you are the angel of my work. You wanted codes. And you wanted to be the one something strong from Heaven. And the blessings. You were the one that said, "I'll take the sounds." Satan was only second place. You took the sound from Satan's grip. It's our Sacred Sound . . . and the World can use this. We want them to see I AM JESUS.

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