Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sky Angels Dwell

When you look up to the sky, certain times you'll see them. They don't hide any longer. They're showing themselves almost every day now. Their work to help cleanse the earth for the 1,000 years of peace is in full swing. What began almost 10 years ago, is confirming their evidence. Their existence. Their divine presence. Heaven's Angels are taking back God's planet.

Since this is happening much more quickly now, much more evident, nothing is going to stop their integrated power. They comb the skies like pack animals. Vicious towards their enemies; courageous in their intention; and loyal to their King of Kings. They are in full protection mode.

Heaven's Angels are vibrant, massive and full of powerful plans. Keep watching the skies. It's not your imagination or random cloud shapes. There is purpose happening all around you. Feel the embrace His Angels are bringing and know that goodness will prevail.

Love Happy. Love Being Aware.

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