Jesus Speaks

A Christmas message from Our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Blessings from the Holdiay Season of 2012.
Originally posted December 7, 2012
Music: Reach - Composed by Philip Guyler

JESUS announces "I Am Shaddai" as His ancient name
Originally posted October 4, 2012
Music: Dawn Mist - Composed by D. DiFonzo & Scott P. Schreer

JESUS says: "In Heaven People Will Know Me"
This is a tribute to those that grieve, missing loved ones
Originally posted August 15, 2012

Sharing with you another precious

communication from Lord Jesus Christ.
Originally posted July 2, 2012
Music: Should Have Known - Composed by David Flavin & Roland Rudzitis

I am honored to share with you
one of the rare audio recordings I receive
from our Lord Jesus Christ.
Originally posted April 30, 2012
Music: Victory At Last - Composed by Stephen Akina

I hope the sound of Our Lord's voice fills you with love and joy, and humbles you
to at least a fraction of the depth I have been taken.
Love & Enjoy! Mia & Angels

Other Audio Recorded Angels in my Book Trailer video & main page blog.


  1. I am wondering if you hear another prophet name and says I like you instead of Jesus and I love you what can that mean?

  2. Hi. Thanks for your comment!

    We all hear what we're meant to hear. Sometimes special messages are just for you in my recordings. It happens all the time during playback I've done with clients. It's fun when I plug in 2 sets of headphones to listen together. One person hears it one way, I the other and it's all wonderful

  3. Mia: I am excited to have found your site. I just can't figure out how to play your audio recordings on my Ipad. Is there another resource ? Bless you !

  4. I was able to play your recording on my phone instead of my IPad.
    Bless you for sharing.